Straight Male Escorts

Straight Male Escorts

The reason why I excelled as a straight male escort

straight male escortsIf you read through the testimonials of male escorts, you may be easily hoodwinked into thinking that all male escorts meet success in their career but that is absolutely false. There are people who join male escorting and fall out of interest along the way, long before anyone would even get to know that they are male escorts. I hope this will not scare those intending to join the trade although it is ok for them to have it at the back of their mind as a possibility. Instead of getting discouraged, use it as a motivation to add more effort into what you do.

When I decided to become an official member (just kidding on the official part because no document was signed) of a male escorting agency, I carried out a market (or client, if it sounds more palatable to your ears) to know what was in demand, which area needed more people and which area was saturated. During the course of my survey, I discovered that gay male escorts were a burning field that needed more hands. I was not gay, I was straight, but I weight my chances of becoming one in other to fit in. I wanted to become a success in this by any means possible.

There were numerous problems with that as I later found out and I will ever be grateful that I took my time to weigh my options without jumping into a hasty conclusion. The first problem I would have met if I went ahead to become gay just to find a place would have been lack of resilience. My career would have ended in a few months or few years.
This is my first advice to prospective male escorts; your passion should come first. Believe me, when the boredom of the job hit you, it is only your passion that will keep you going. The reason I had to take the pain of carrying out the survey in the first place was to avoid ending up like some of my friends who joined male escorting in a hurry. The speed they got in was almost the same speed they used to get out and they all got out because of frustration.

The second problem I discovered with gay male escort was that although the members were small in number – very small compared to other categories – so was their client base. Gay clients also do not come very often like the clients of other categories. Most of their clients were also recycles meaning it was rare to see a new face. My research led me to finding out that although the straight male escort category was very competitive, they enjoyed many benefits also.

The first benefit was that straight male escorts had more clients. It is very rare for you to be hired by the same client within a short period. Meeting new faces regularly makes the job interesting too because you will be visiting new places. This in particular will keep boredom far away from you. The variety of clients also comes with variety of interests which will enable you to learn more about your career and by acquiring numerous experiences.
The second benefit of being a straight male escort (and to me, this is the most important benefit that sets them far apart from other categories of male escorts) is that they are naturally accepted in the society without any form of stereotype. Unlike gays, which is not globally accepted and some nations are passing laws to limit them from expressing themselves how they deem fit, straight is promoted as the best sexual orientation. When you become a straight male escort, government and religious forces will always be in your favor.

After going through the various available options, weighing their pros and cons, I decided that I will become a straight male escort and till today, I have ha little moments of regrets (which by the way is not job-relatedwere). Your area may be different therefore you should fin out what works in your location before jumping in.

Straight male escorts took away my fears

I did not understand why people should rely on strangers to escort them to different places when they could make real friends. I feared many things including the possibility of having those strangers take advantage of you, harm you and do all sorts of things to you. I continued in my worry till a friend asked me to try straight male escorts. As any reasonable person would react to such a seemingly silly request, I was skeptical about it.

“Give straight male escorts a try and I am sure you will change your mindset,” she told me repeatedly.
You know how the human mind acts, you hear one thing over and over again and before you know it, it becomes a part of you and plagues your thoughts. Each time I logged onto my computer, the next thought that will come to my mind would be hire a companion, while still typing. When I turned back to my computer screen, I could not believe that I had written ‘straight male escorts’ several times. I had to take the pain of scrolling back to get rid of them. I tried avoiding her because the pressure was becoming too much but she always had a way of finding me.

The day I succumbed to her pressure and finally hired straight male escorts, my heart was heaving behind my chest. I could as well claim that I took the decision under duress if only there was even a person with me in my room that morning but there was none. It was a conscious act but it felt like I was being pushed to do it. I typed straight male escorts on Google and in a second there were thousands of search result staring at my face. I choose the one I wanted after going through some of the reviews. I could not believe that such a multitude used straight male escorts. I saw a couple of other male escorting categories: bi, gay, and so on. I decided to stick with my friend’s advice. If she said I should hire straight male escorts for a start, she must have a strong reason for that so there no reason for me to dispute her but if all went well, I was already certain that I would try out other male escorting services.

Each time I heard a knock on my door, my mind would skip a bit because I would think it was the male escort I hired. I became so nervous that I began to hear imaginary knocks on my door. I went to the fridge and got a bottle of vodka which I reduced by a quarter. It helped me a little to calm my nerves. When the male escort arrived, I was a little tipsy. I offered him a glass and he gulped it down.
“Where will it be?” he asked.
“I have no place in mind. In fact, I don’t know what I was thinking when I hired you.”
He smiled and said, “Guess it’s up to me then. Go get dressed”.
I loved the way the words rolled out of his mouth effortlessly. I left into the room to change into something else. He took charge. I can’t recall all the places we went to but I sure had a nice time. This is one of the many things my friend had told me that she was right about. Like one hour after we met, all my anxiety had subsided. I followed his lead and enjoyed the evening. I was the one that later went back to my friend to pester her to tell me what was different between straight male escorts and other forms of escort. I was so eager that she was the one trying to avoid me this time. Well, I cannot really put what I felt that day in words because no matter how much I tried, it does not read like what I really felt. The experience I had with straight male escorts will be better experienced that told and I urge you to have that experience once in your life.