Take home advice from male escorting

male escortingI have always heard about male escorting but each time I am like “What does that mean?” Naturally, I am a fun loving person and love to be in my happy mood every time. Some of my friends have become used to calling me the happy one because of this. However, some days hit you hard that the very essence of your happiness is lost.

That day, I was supposed to be on a date with my boyfriend. We had arranged for this for a long time so there were no excuses whatsoever. I was more excited than I would normally be and a look at my face makes it so obvious especially with the arch on my lips and the blazing fire in my eyes. I was lost in wonder, really, imagining how the hours we will spend together will play out and the impact it would have on us.

With minutes to the due time, my phone rang. I rushed and picked it up. “Hello” I spoke into the phone. The reply was numbing. “Baby, I will not be able to make it. Something just came up that I have to attend to”. Something more important than me I guess. No matter how much you try to contain your anger or think you are fit, such words can sweep you off your feet.  I took a moment to sink in the words and meditate on them. I could feel as light as a bird about to fall off from a tree.

I didn’t know which angered me the most; the food I have laid out on the dining table or the time I have wasted or the feeling of rejection. I was in dire need of a companion. You remember that thing about licking your vomit? I had no other choice here. I knew the right male agents because I had a couple of friends who use the services and have been telling me stuff about how efficient they could be. I have never paid attention to their rants. I always told them to get a real companion.

I was quickly losing the fight to depression. I quickly went online and glance through the profiles of the male escorts. There is this cute guy I found six packs and adorable muscular body. I booked and made payment. In a few hours, he was standing at my door. Yes, that fast!

I was charmed by looking at his eyes and all and he spoke softly in his deep voice. We had a nice time and I treated him to the meal I prepared for my boyfriend. We had a nice time chatting and laughing and he really filled the void created by my boyfriend so wonderfully.  We later took a short walk down the street before he finally waved and disappeared. I will surely need his services again.

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