The benefits offered by male escort jobs


Most of the modern day jobs are not different from slavery. They work out your ass, and you get next to nothing in return. This sucks! Male escort jobs are different. They offer the same feeling as freelancers get. You work when you want, how you want and with whom you want. There is no to shout at your slight mistakes like they were gods over your life.

Mehn… it really sucks to take up a regular job. Before I started hunting for male escort jobs, I was working in a bank (I don’t want to expose their ass that is why I won’t mention their name here). I squirm when people get excited because they have just been offered a job in the bank. Like seriously?

Bank job is the most insecure job you can ever have. They wake up one morning and think they have too many staff or that they overpay you and you get a letter telling you to leave your office. It’s that simple. You are gone. No apologies. Just a paltry severance package. Crumbs to make sure you live till people forget your last employer before you die so that no one links your death back to them.

I committed 15 years of my life to bank job, and it didn’t earn me any respect. I was still sacked like a fresher. During my stay there, it felt like someone else was in charge of my time. I wake up in the morning before 6, and I get home late in the night. I had other talents and passions too which I couldn’t explore because my time was caged.

My sack was painful but little did I know it was a blessing in disguise. That is so true. I think we are often too limited to the door we currently occupy that we fail to notice all the other open doors around us.

With my years of experience, I could have easily nailed another job in the financial sector but I was done – or so I thought. I tried a few places, but they said they wanted somebody younger. Most of the companies I tried said at 41 it was unlikely I would be of much benefit to them. What a country.

I spoke with one of my friend about it. He was a freelancer. He did a lot of writing and graphic designing at his convenience and got huge pay from it. He said he would help, but first I need to acquire a skill. I didn’t like that part, acquiring a skill and I didn’t waste time to voice out my fear.

“Acquiring a skill? That could take me years and my finances – even myself – would have been dead.”

He laughed and said he would work out something that I could do for the main time but emphasized that I must get a skill. I nodded.

The next day he we me and the first thing he said was, “Have you considered male escort jobs?”

I was lost, and my grimace said it all. He smiled and explained.

“Is that not like male prostitution?” I said a little shocked.

“Not really. Unless sex is part of the agreement, it mustn’t end with that.”

He explained further, and I decided to give it a shot. My first client was a lady in her late twenties looking for an older man to hang out. We had so much fun that I felt like I have wasted the past 15 years of my life slaving for some ingrates. We didn’t have sex, but after that first successful task, I stopped seeing any big deal about having sex with a random client.

On the regular 9 to 5 jobs I was rejected for being too old. But male escort jobs are looking for older men like myself. What an irony. What I love most about my current job is that I work at my own pace. I am respected, and my clients praise me a lot for being nice, handsome, just name it. I can’t recall if my boss has ever praised me before – even when I complete a very daunting task.

I made millions for my bank but only got paid a few thousands. Here in the escorting world, I keep everything I earn. Male escort jobs are like freelancing jobs in many ways. Unlike in the office where if you are assigned a task you are compelled to do it, here, I decide which job I do and which one I let go.

I also have all the time in the world to myself. As I continue to grow my finances, I am thinking of building a clothing industry as well as produce an all-time best-seller that will travel beyond borders.

“If you are interested in possibly becoming a male escort please take a look at where you will find even more detailed information and an application form.