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The class of women that need gay male companions more

gay male companionsLate into my teenage age when I started using escorts, I have always thought that gay male companions were a category meant for men alone. Recently I had several encounters with different women who have chosen gay male companions, but I was surprised to know that they use these guys for the same reason. It is surely not a coincidence. I bet you will also be surprised at my discovery if you read on.

Between 19 and 23 I can bet that I have used up to 50 different escorts. I am an adventurous person, so I rarely used one escort twice. I want a different experience every time. Moreover, I enjoyed the feeling of becoming intimate with a stranger. It was dangerous and fun at the same time, something in-between. However, each time I flipped my laptop to hire, it was straight, bisexual, or the black guys. I have a personal preference for black guys because they are highly energetic. I always scroll over the gay male companions in haste like they don’t exist.

Recently I was in a program where people openly talked about their sexual preference and what they know about the escort industry. It was a revealing program organised by one of the escort industries. It was like a town hall meeting. If you are bold enough to raise your hand, you will be given the microphone and the platform to speak. I wasn’t bold enough, but I learned a lot listening to different women speak about themselves and their experience.

A pretty lady was the first that took the microphone. From my assessment, she shouldn’t be more than 18. She said she just got into a relationship and hoped that the platform would guide her through what to do and what not to do. She was applauded at the end of her short speech while the moderator told her that she would surely learn a thing or two from the gathering. I was charmed by her courage and enthusiasm.

The next lady that stood up should be in her late twenties. She was still full of youth and smiled often. She introduced herself then gave a summary of her academic pursuit and career in general. She then took a fairly long pause before telling us how she was abused by a close family friend when she was 18.

She said she detested men but that her body always craved for it. “I can’t imagine ever falling into a romantic relationship with a guy again that is why I have opted for gay male companions to deal with the craving whenever it comes. She was explicit in her explanation, painting a vivid picture of how the gay male companions usually run their hands through every part of her body until she moans in pleasure. It was bold of her to say much about herself in public, and I admired her for it.

I think her boldness paved the way for other women who had had a similar experience with gay male companions to speak up about their experiences too. The common feature between all the women that have used gay male companions was that they were either abused when they were young or had a bitter experience with a male partner that made them uncomfortable around men.

What I found difficult to understand was how they felt so uncomfortable around men but was willing to pay for the companion of another man. When the floor was opened for questions, I stood up and asked.

One of the ladies that had spoken earlier was delighted to be the one that would answer my question. She explained that it has to do with psychology. “If I were around a guy that was sexually active and not gay, I would always be in perpetual fear that he might pop out his soldier and force me down. But when I am around gay male companions, I know whatever I have between my legs don’t excite them so the same scenario would likely never happen.”

I understood her point vividly. However, I have never been abused but listening to their wonderful experiences with gay male companions has already stirred up the urge to hire in me.

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