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Cambridge male escortsAsk escort users, and they will tell you that they are looking for an excellent service. Excellence can have a different meaning for different people. No matter your definition of excellence I would assure you that you will definitely get maximum satisfaction when you deal with Cambridge male escorts. My name is Katharina, and I have been using escort services for two years now.

What I define as an excellent escort service has good companionship, having someone who would cuddle me and give me undivided attention. That was always difficult to get from my boyfriend who was a workaholic and travelled almost every day. Since I loved him with all my heart, I didn’t like the fact that he put his job before me. I felt like I was second love to him after his job but I am the kind of lady that wants to be the first.

I tried to get him to give me more of his time, but it soon began to feel as though I was an obstacle to his career, so I decided to give him some space. It was the need to get more affection and companionship that made me begin hiring Cambridge male escorts. With the help of their excellent service, I was able to stop complaining about my boyfriend.

I had this mischievous work colleague who hardly stayed with a single guy beyond three months. The longest I have seen her go was six months. The trend used to be the guys dumping the girls like thrash, but she was always the one doing the dumping. I have tried to counsel her, but it became obvious to me that she was unrepentant when she said, “Stop wasting your sermons on me”. I gave up.

There was a day I was angry with my boyfriend. He had been away on official engagements for a week, and when he finally visited me, he couldn’t even spend a whole day. We were on the sofa, and my legs rested on his laps. He massaged them and was telling me about his works and travel when his phone rang. After answering the call, he told me that he was urgently needed and left.

That was not only rude; it made me feel like a nobody. I was fuming with anger. The next day I told my colleague about it, and she was the one who suggested Cambridge male escorts. I felt mocked when she said, “You see why I can never stick to one guy again? That shit is hard”.

Anything that could make me feel better was welcomed. I didn’t argue with her because I knew it was a bad idea. I just went ahead and hired one of the Cambridge male escorts. She actually volunteered to help me with the hiring process, but I declined. I had already had enough of her insult. I knew that accepting more assistance from her in that regards will only open the door to more insult.

My heart was racing when the escort came to my house. Spending time with the escort felt to me as though I was cheating on my boyfriend. I still loved him a lot and wouldn’t want to do anything that could dent our relationship permanently. All I needed was a man that could make me feel like a woman, and my colleague assured me that Cambridge male escorts could do just that for me.

Spending time with the escort was just as wonderful as my colleague in the office had suggested. He caressed and cuddled me, and I had to resist the urge of giving my body to him. It was a weekend, and we both hung out in one of the recreation centres. Hanging out with someone you love in an open space is really wonderful. It is almost like an assurance that he is not afraid to show you off.

That was how I started using Cambridge male escorts more frequently, and I have never complained about my boyfriend to anyone else. I try to have the best moment with him anytime he was around, and when he was not, I simply made use of escorts to fill the gap.

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