The gains of being a male escort in London

The first time I had sex was when I was twenty-two. That night everything happened so fast. It was less than a week we met, and I wasn’t expecting anything of some sort to happen. We were in the room that evening, and she started crawling all over me like an earthworm. She was so in the mood, and I gave in. After about one hour we were done, but she kept thanking me all through the night and into the morning. However, at that time, I had no idea of what being a male escort in London meant.

Like every other guy I had a couple of serious relationships which I thought would end in marriage, but for one thing or another we ended up parting ways. The experience is not something I am proud of or want to talk about. After my fourth failed relationship I started thinking of a way to save myself the frequent heartaches. This is because I am the kind of guy that whenever I am in a relationship, I give my all. Among the options that came to my mind were being a male escort in London and avoiding women entirely.

I tried the latter but knew it wasn’t possible. I started working on becoming a male escort. It was a tough journey of polishing myself and working out every single day even when my muscles ached, and I thought that I couldn’t move on. Once I did become an escort, the journey from amateur to professional was swift.

One of the things I enjoy the most about being a male escort in London is spending quality time with successful women from all walks of life. Basically, I get hired between 2 and 6 hours, but occasionally I get hired for twenty-four hours. Women that hire me that long are not really bothered about money. On the contrary, they just have an emptiness or a sense of adventure that they want to explore.

The thing with regular guys is that they are confined to a set of ideas and ideas about life, sex, and relationships. Escorts, on the other hand, let their minds wander. They are ever-willing to try something new as long as it is safe for themselves and the client.

Escorting in London – like winning the jackpot

Being a male escort in London for me was like a jackpot. Women still thank me each time we have sex. Sometimes I sit and think that it would have been selfish if I didn’t let other women have this experience and just confined it to one person. The truth is that many women will never get this sort of exhilarating experience all through their life. It is sad.

Apart from that sense of satisfaction that I feel each time the women thank me or refuse to let me go, it is also fulfilling to be able to make a living from something you love doing. I now have a girlfriend who is cool with what I do. I now limit my bookings to 3 or 4 per week because I have to spend ample time with my girlfriend and she appreciates my commitment. I now feel like I have got all the good things in life.

From my experience, I believe London needs many escorts. There are so many women in relationships that are not happy, but for their children or any other reasons they hold on to the marriage. They often hire escorts as an escape from reality. I always feel a sense of pride that I can help in such situations.

What I find most interesting about being a male escort in London is that it has given me the opportunity to wine and dine with women of affluence that I may never have been able to. My contact list and connection is so high that I believe I can get anything that I ever want. This is because whenever my escorting job ends in sex, I often have to deal with the praises my client shower on me. They feel they are in a kind of debt and are eager to pay back. There are a few moments of pain that I would also want to talk about but maybe in another post.

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