The ideal male companion for the Xmas season

christmas male escortsFestive periods such as these are times when people tour different parts of the world. Irrespective of the race or colour of the people in an area, you would still find people exploring these places, all in a bid to have a nice time, all by yourself or with your loved ones.

Now, for places where you are so unfamiliar with, having a companion for a ride would not be a bad idea. This Christmas period would be a perfect time to try out new places you have never been too, and for you to enjoy these places to the fullest, you for sure need a companion to see you through.

The problem of choosing the right kind of companion comes in here, for sure, the way we relate to these periods matters a lot. For sure, ladies see Christmas as a time to hang out with friends, explore places amongst others. Hardly would you find a female who would be willing to serve as your companion during times like these. On the other hand, a male companion would be the perfect pick; he would still squeeze out time out of his busy schedule just to work, the male companion sees periods like these as an opportunity to make money with extra incentives from clients.

Also, let it be noted that some people act as male companions just for fun purposes and not with the intention of making money. This was the exact act of Davies in Lisa’s story below.

Lisa Beverly, 20, tells her experience with a friend she made during her Christmas holiday in New York. She was visiting New York for the fifth time, making her not too familiar with the place. She came to spend the Christmas holiday with her long-time friend, Maria Edwards, 21, whom she had not seen for some years now.

Lisa had issues locating Maria’s place even with the directions given to her. At some point, she would stop walking and start thinking. Also, she asked almost anyone she came across; no one seemed to know the place she was looking for. Alas, she came across Davies, 19, who happened to be passing by at the very moment when Lisa was almost giving up. To make matters worse, Maria’s line was switched off, making it impossible for her to be reached.

Now, Davies helped out with Lisa’s current state of confusion, by walking her down to the very place she was going to. They exchanged contacts with Davies promising to check on her the following day.

Davies kept his promise and for sure checked up on Lisa, they strolled the streets together and visited some really cool places, he was the perfect male companion anyone could dream of.

The next day was Christmas, and Davies was invited by Maria’s parents to come over and have a meal with them, in appreciation of what Davies did to Lisa. He came over for sure, and they all had a swell time together.

Boxing day came, and Davies came around again, this time taking Lisa and Maria out to a hangout organized by some close friends of his. This venue was perfect for people to meet one other, irrespective of one’s background. Lisa’s holiday was going on well, and she wished at a point that it would never end.

The next couple of days was equally interesting and fun-filled because the male companion she never asked for, made it possible. The time came for Lisa to go and she knew for sure, she was going to miss Maria and Davies, most especially. She left with a promise to continually keep in touch and also visit whenever she had the chance.

Being a male companion should not be done for the money alone, rather the self-satisfaction which would be achieved, knowing you have helped someone who was in need. Be the knight in shining armour to the damsel in distress, and you never can tell what you stand to gain later on.

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