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The invaluable lessons of male escorting jobs

male escorting jobsEvery job has its unique secrets for those aspiring to stay at the top. I only realised this when I began taking up male escorting jobs. This is a valuable lesson I wish I had learned many years ago because it would have facilitated my promotion as well as increased the money in my pocket. It is better late than never, right?

First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Pat, and I work with one of the financial firms. Being admitted into such an institution indirectly means the slimming of your worldview. I would like to describe it as looking at the world through a pinhole. You wake up the morning thinking only about how to count loads on cash and balance your account. It was the same routine every single day.

The most depressing part of it was that whenever I got home in the evening, I was usually very exhausted that the only thing in my head is embracing my bed. My life was a triangle; from home to work to restaurant and back to home. The next the triangle repeats itself and then the next and the next. There was no getting out of it for me or so I thought.

Out of twelve months, every worker is entitled to take a month off every year. I guess my organisation understood how much tasking and depressing our job was and allowed that one month off for every worker to get refreshed and come back stronger to face the challenges. I am certain that if anyone should do my work for three straight years without a break, one of two things will happen; either the person runs mad, or they die.

This year when I got my leave from work, I decided to do something different. Other years whenever I got the break I would go on vacation usually the Caribbean and spend most of it there. Out of the 30 days, I usually spend 20 in the Caribbean and the remaining ten is usually used for planning the journey.

I have just discovered male escorting jobs and have been reading up stuff about them. All I have read have been usually interesting, and I thought “What is stopping me from giving it a shot?”

What interested me the most was that I didn’t need any form of qualification to land male escorting jobs. All I needed was a criminal-free record which I already had. I got in touch with a few escorting agencies and finally got into an agreement with one of them. My profile was hosted for a nominal fee.

I discussed it with some of my colleagues, and they thought I was crazy. Their opinion didn’t stop me from going ahead with my plans. I have been doing something that was considered “sane” for a long time, but it was running me insane. I guess if I did something that was insane it would restore my sanity, right?

The first of the few male escorting jobs I took was a lady in her mid-thirties. She had this red carpet she wanted to attend and didn’t want to go alone. It was a great privilege to me because I have never been in such a gathering before. Like I have learned from other escorts, you have to keep your confidence high at all cost, no matter the situation.

I met a lot of great minds there. She was highly connected and valued in the crowd such that the very fact that I was with her made me look like a very important person. Some men were interested in knowing what I did for a living. One of them was ready to offer me a new job if I was considering a new job.

The most valuable lesson I learned was that adding value to your establishment increases your value. If you find yourself in a routine in your organisation, doing what you are told to do, then you miss the opportunity to become anything better.

I had various other experiences from male escorting jobs that are too numerous to share here. In the end, I was no longer afraid of losing my job I was more interested in living a meaningful life.

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