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The male escort agency: An island in the middle of the ocean

The male escort agencyThe success of the career of any male escort is largely dependent on the escort agency they associate with. With the right agency, a male escort can move from an amateur to a professional within a very short time as well as reach the peak of their career within a few years. Sadly, as a male escort, it is not all escort agencies that you can trust with your fate. One of the very best in the field is The Male Escort Agency.

Within a few years of coming into existence, it has become one of the busiest agencies in the UK as well as hold a record of having the most 5 star reviews. I joined just two years ago, but my career has gotten to the point where I make my own schedules. I only accept clients a few times a month and the other times when I am free I usually spend it vacationing across Europe.

It helps that the founder of The Male Escort Agency, Ian was an escort himself, so it was easy for him to create a platform that was highly profitable to the escorts as well as easily accessed by the clients with a guarantee of high satisfaction. This is the strength of The Male Escort Agency. I had given other escort agencies a try, and it was obvious that something was lacking. Most of the other escort agencies have founders with no experience regarding escorting, so it becomes difficult for them to balance things out for both the escorts and the clients.

When I meditate on my life, sometimes I feel as if I have wasted two years of my life with the other escort agencies. The gross lack of innovation in the other agencies is something that makes me wonder how I was able to cope with those years. Here, there is always something new to find now and then.

Recently, The Male Escort Agency added Michelle and Melissa to the employment list. Their role is simple; with their wealth of experience in the escort field, they will be able to help women – especially those new in the field of escort – to find the right escort and have a memorable experience.

No doubt, it is hard to find an appalling escort, but you should know that no two escorts will offer identical service. Hence, finding the right escort is crucial to the experience you will have at the end of the day. This is where the roles of Michelle and Melissa become invaluable. This is the kind of innovation that you will not find in many escort agencies.

Since coming into The Male Escort Agency, I have observed that most of the escorts here are seasoned professionals. Working with such a group of people makes it easy for you to move swiftly in your career because you tap from their experiences and use these experiences to grow your career. The wide coverage of this agency also makes it easy for all the escorts under its umbrella to promote their services – whether they are straight, gay, or bisexual male escorts.

Again, I have been to some escorting agencies that are in dire need of escorts, so they accept any guy that knocks on their door. Most of them are highly inexperienced, and some later showed questionable characters.

I thought it would be the same when I opted to join The Male Escort Agency. It turned out I was wrong. Here I was required to go through a form of screening and approval process. Not all made it through after the screening, and I considered myself lucky to be among the selected.

Recently, Trust Pilot voted The Male Escort Agency best in the escort category. This is because of the large number of 5 stars (Excellent) reviews it had received from clients who had made use of their services. The reviews can be found on Trust Pilot and are discrete and anonymous.

If you are still wondering what The Male Escort Agency can offer, maybe you have to head over to Trust Pilot and take a close look at some of the reviews. If you have had a great experience, it will be nice for you to drop a review too and spread the message.

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