The right male escort agencies make the difference

male escort agenciesIt is over a year since I picked one of the numerous male escort agencies and I have not had any regret going with this particular one. Before joining one of the male escort agencies, I was an escort operating on a solo level. I sourced my own clients and set my own prices. It wasn’t an easy task. There are times I would go for a month without nailing a client.

Also, my security was something I could never guarantee. There is the possibility that I could visit a client and something bad would happen to me, and nobody would ever know about it. Escorting is one of those jobs you do and won’t freely tell people about it, not because it is illegal, but because you are not sure of how they would process the information.

I doubt if there is anyone in the male escorting field and several other fields who would like to be judged by their line of work. Even though I joined an agency less than a year ago, I have been doing the escorting thing for about three years now.

As a solo escort, I had almost a fixed circle of clients, and I had a lot of repeat hires. Having a close circle of clients is good to some extent because it makes you know your clients better. Knowing your clients better means you get to know how they love to be treated, their fashion taste and so on. So, if you are to escort them to a party, a casual outing or a formal occasion, you know what to wear already.

However, the danger of being a solo escort is that you risk becoming too attached to your clients which is totally unprofessional. All these and more are some of the benefits I discovered were innate to male escort agencies.

Well, you might be asking, “If male escort agencies are that good, why did it take you so long to become a part of it?”

I really did not want all the public attention. I love my tranquil and uneventful life. I would do anything to keep living this quiet life. My thought was that joining an agency would mean saying goodbye to my quiet life. That was the main reason why for the many years I was into escorting I rarely gave it attention.

Now I know better. I had some friends who were also escorts and were members of one agency or the other. Whenever we were together, they usually pitied me and encouraged me to join an agency. I would never forget what one of my friends said in one of our gatherings,

“Eddie, you work so hard – and I guess you make little out of your hard work. You can make more if only you join one of the male escort agencies. You can give mine a try. It’s really cool.”

I didn’t understand the “you can make more” aspect until I joined an agency. I really did make more. Let me explain to you how. When you are working as a solo escort, you become too familiar with your clients. The familiarity makes it hard for you to bill them at the right rates. Also, you are scared of losing them because you know they are all you have so you tend to give more than normal discounts.

All these trends tend to eat into your supposed earnings. With male escort agencies, the trend is different. The system is more standardized. Anyone coming to hire already knows how much they are expected to pay. This takes off short-change from familiarity.

Then, I don’t have a closed circle of clients. Now and then I get a beep from a totally random client in far locations different from my immediate neighbourhood. The journey to different locations on its own is an adventure. Because of the random beeps, I have a better mental state rather than being under pressure of going out of a job if I should lose a client.

Since it may sound all rosy but you still need to be careful. The wrong step into the wrong male escort agencies might be a big blow to your career if not the end of it. One of the primary roles of an agency is to showcase or advertise their escorts using all possible techniques. Thanks to searching engine optimization and pop up ads that should be easy.

However, some agencies still fail to play this primary role. Hitching a ride with such agencies would mean a stagnation of your career. You can go for months without getting a beep from a client. My current plan is to work with my agency as well as maintain my close client circle. It would be tough, but I will make it work.

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