The unique London male escorting services

london male escortingHi, my name is Cassandra. I am an avid user of London male escorting and an avid traveler and there are a few discoveries I have made in my numerous trips which I would love to share with you. It I a ride I am certain you would enjoy if you are a fan of a male escort and if you are reading this post, it means that you are definitely a fan.

If you have ever complained about London male escorting service, I tell you that you would probably have a worse experience if you travel to another country. So, if you are yet to start appreciating what you have, I guess it is time you learn to do that.

London male escorting service offers a bold service, and that is what makes them different from all the other escort services around the globe. I mean you can hire a guy here, and the both of you will lock hands and walk on the open, go to the beach and numerous other public places without fear. You probably would not get that privilege in many other countries.

I recall the first time I hired. I was still a very shy girl. It was our graduation party, and I told myself that instead of having numerous random guys hitting on me, it was better I have one random guy beside me. I was still an innocent girl (not saying I am guilty now LOL) and felt comfortable with the escort I hired for the simple reason that we came together to the party.

Coincidentally we arrived in a matching outfit. He rocked a black tuxedo while I wore a flowing dinner gown of the same colour decorated with red flowers in strategic places. Some of the guys thought he was my boyfriend and it automatically shut off any intent they had on me that evening. Others suspected he was just an escort and were bold enough to come and greet him and welcome him to the party.

For the girls, it was a different story. Only my besties knew the game I was playing. The other girls only gathered in clustered and gossiped about us. I could not eavesdrop on their conversation but the way they stared intermittently and turn their heads if our eyes met, that suspicious glance at us said it all.

My point here is that this guy from London male escorting was bold to step out in the open where some people knew who he was without fear. In some countries, once you make a public appearance and people even suspect that you are an escort, it is a whole different story for you. If you are lucky, you will end up only answering strings of questions dished out by the police to confirm your identity. If you are unlucky, you go to jail.

I was in a certain country recently. I don’t call myself an addict to London male escorting services, but I use the service more often than I can count. I was supposed to attend an event that evening, and I was bored of going alone. I hired an escort to take me there. When the escort arrived, and I told him my intention, he refused, saying it was very risky.

I pleaded because I could not afford to miss the event. After a while, he agreed but came up with a plan that we would act like we were dating. We shared some basic information about ourselves so that we could provide harmonious answers that would make it seem as if we were dating. After rehearsing these, he agreed to go with me.

In many countries around the globe, when you hire an escort, both of you would only end up spending all the time indoors. That can be fun, but there are times when you just want to be outdoors with your escort. That privilege is only guaranteed if you are dealing with London male escorting service.

There are so many other unique benefits of London male escorting which I may not mention here but if you are a fan of escorts and have traveled and used escorts in other countries you probably would have identified them by now.

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