The worldview of finding male escorts is different

finding male escortsI have faced a lot of stereotypes while growing up even among fellow women. There were times some girls would walk up to me and call me ugly to the face. It is a traumatizing experience, and you cannot fully understand how terrifying and hurting that word, “ugly”, sounds unless you experience it first-hand. finding male escorts made me realise that beauty is not all about outward appearance.

Most people leave their mum’s womb at nine months. I left mine at five. It wasn’t because I was eager the see the world, NO. It was as a result of rare genetic disease the disease also led to my colossal facial dis-figuration. My skin was also saggy and flabby because the doctor said I lacked sufficient elastin.

A doctor said it was a miracle that I lived to the age of ten and told my parents I might not see my fifteenth birthday. I am 21 and have a vibrant life ahead of me. However, at some point, as I went through school, I began to wish the doctors were right. I began to wish I could disappear so that no one will use my appearance to catch fun anymore.

Being ‘ugly’ also meant that no guy would want to have you as his girlfriend. You struggle. The truth was that if there were a guy that agreed to be by my side as a friend or pretend we were dating, the reaction of the audience would be a lot easier – so I thought.

I got a job with an NGO. The working environment seemed a lot friendlier compared to my experience in school. Here my colleagues smiled at me and treated me like a human being. Discrimination also exists here, but it is less pronounced than what I faced back then in school.

Even when the environment was friendly, I still yearned to have a guy to whom I would share some intimacy. I didn’t know what it felt like to have a guy you call your boyfriend. My determination led me to begin a random search for what turned out to be a male escort.

Before finding male escorts, for a moment, I thought about walking up to one of my colleagues whom I had developed feelings for as a result of walking together. It was more like camaraderie. We were usually paired together each time there was a task to be completed in the field. It was how we became close friends.

He was the kind of guy that any girl would dream to have. He wasn’t much of a talker, he was handsome and tall, and he never discriminated among people on race or religious lines. Throughout our working days, I have learned a lot from him regarding interacting and accommodating people.

Just when I was about to make my move and express my feelings towards me, another thought came to my mind. He may get upset by my attitude, and that may have daring consequences. I valued his friendship a lot, and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship.

When I put off that idea, I started to search for another way out. One thing led to another, and I discovered male escorts. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to give it a try. The moment I completed my hiring process I started to have cold feet. If it were possible, I would have terminated the process.

Different ideas started coming into my head. I was anxious because I have never used the service before. “What if he comes around and thinks that I am a monster?” I could hear the loud pounding of my heart beneath my chest.

When the male escort arrived, his reaction was different from what I anticipated. He was genuinely excited to meet me. We had intimate time together and visited nature gardens. I have never felt like that before.

I could not contain my excitement, and I am sure he was happy with himself too. “Do you think I am ugly?” I asked. His response stunned me.

“Beauty and ugliness lie in the heart.”

I have hired more male escorts since then, and I can’t stop enjoying the intimacy.


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