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Titanic love with male escorts

th-3-150x150I have been wondering recently, how we all want to be loved albeit in different ways – and how it affects our happiness. Personally speaking, I have had my fair share of experimentation before finally stumbling on what makes me tick. See, I love to be drowned totally in the ocean of love and what more if I can pay for it? Hell yeah! The idea that I could pay for a male escort to make me feel like a queen was something I had always excused on the premise of; “How can a stranger make me happy?”

Not knowing that the stranger factor would play an important role in what made hiring male escort work perfectly. Just imagine the first few moments with the person you are present with, and how good those first few moments were. It feels like without the other person everything will fade away, and become blank. Imagine having the means to create those first few moments time and time again such freedom, and such joy.

My first experience though was a wreck, like a 20-ton truck slamming a Kia Rio; and it was completely my fault. I allowed the first-time-syndrome overawe me, and never gave him (the male escort) a chance to please me. All through the call, I felt I had made a mistake. Fast forward some months afterwards, I decided to give another male escort a try, thanks to a blog I read on The Male Escort Agency I had read a woman’s testimony of how “Wow!” her experiences have been. It essentially encouraged me.

I learned a few things from the blog about getting the most out of using a male escort and put it to good use when the time came. I decided to keep things simple and let the expectation build up once I can build a rapport with him. This worked like a charm, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that article; sometimes you think you know but you actually know nothing.

The second encounter I had was way better than the first, although not yet hitting the mark that would make me scream “Eureka I have found it!” But the encounter taught me something; that it gets better with time. At perhaps the fifth try, that Eureka moment came, and I was totally gobsmacked, he had everything – his voice was heavenly; his touch, as soft as a man’s hand has ever felt, and a tenderness belying his strong physique. The chemistry was something else, and I was very glad; it was as if I had stumbled on the gold.

So that’s how I found my Titanic (that’s the size of my ego) self-drowned in the pool of raw manly and caring testosterone; all because I chose to give male escorts a second chance.

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