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Top Male Escorts: Beyond a pretty face

surveys-for-money-150x150It takes more than a pretty face, a well-designed profile, and a few calls here and there to become a top male escort. That is why it gives me the pet-peeve when I hear every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming to be a top male escort. Have you started your male escort career, and wondered what it requires going from being just a regular male escort to being top rated? Have you decided to make male escorting a full-time gig with a view of becoming the best? Or perhaps in your case, you have had a measure of success, and want to take it to the next level. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this post is intended for you,

Becoming top rated

Few things can be going against you in your quest to make the shift to the top, and they are:

  • Where you place your services: Your reputation is almost as good as the agency or listing services you are listed on. You cannot be separated from the reputation of the agency and the kind of women they attract. Top male escorts attract only top clients, and top clients know where to look. Join a male escort agency that has a good reputation and one that attracts top clients.
  • Offer regular services: If all you offer is the regular kind of services other male escorts are offering, chances are that the clients you get will not rave about your services. You have to go far and beyond so that your reputation can slowly grow. Do things that excite the client, leave them yearning for more after the call time has elapsed.
  • Not enough branding: To be candid, only those male escorts, who put their services out there, become top rated. You can’t be a top male escort from the shadows except you are okay with the level you are at. You have to put your services out there, spend some time creating a website; align all your social media accounts with the site, and watch as there is traction towards your site, and your services.
  • Lack of commitment on your part: You cannot just wait and hope that things will transform – you have to work, and be committed to making the work count. It also goes without saying that you can’t become a top male escort if you are still joggling another job with it. If you really want to become top rated, then you will have to eventually pick one of the two – make sure you know what you want, though.

There you have it, becoming a male escort is easy; becoming a top male escort is the difficult part. However, you can learn from the above and begin the gradual and rewarding shift to becoming a top male escort.

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