Touring with male escorts in Manchester

Male escorts in Manchester

I became an addict to male escorts in Manchester about 4 years ago. It was a gradual process, but I will not regret becoming an addict. I was born and brought up in Manchester, so you would easily assume that I know the length and breadth of the city. Unfortunately, that is not so. For many years, however, I thought I knew the majority of the city.

Recently I was talking with my girlfriend, and she was mentioning names of places that made me ask her, “Did you travel abroad?”

She smiled and said, “Nah… I have no such money yet, but I hope to someday.”

Her reply intrigued me the more because she was the quiet type. Back when we were in school, it was me that was always intimidating her with names of places I visited in the city. The next question that came to my lips was, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I asked this question with a raised brow because we were best of friends and we kept no secret between us. If she had a boyfriend, I expected that I should be the first person to know about this. I asked this question out of my experience because the time I moved around the city frequently, it was my boyfriend that took me around.

As I pressured her, I noticed that she was a little secretive and uneasy. I started to suspect something fishy. I mounted the pressure because I felt betrayed. I trusted her so much that I didn’t believe we should hold secrets. She finally opened up and said it almost in a whisper, “I have been seeing male escorts in Manchester.”

I was sure I have never heard that before, “What exactly male escorts in Manchester?” I asked with my hands folded over my chest.

“They are guys that you can hire and they act just like your boyfriend for a specific time period. I personally prefer to hang around with them than having to deal with all the drama of a long-term relationship.”

I continued to nod as she explained because this was an epiphany. I didn’t bother to ask her how long she has been hiring male escorts in Manchester because I felt it would be embarrassing to her but I guessed it must have been a pretty long time judging by how much she knows and the places she has been.

After hearing her explanations and the benefits she listed out, I was curious. I find it difficult to have a decent rest whenever I am curious about anything until I get it resolved. For the next few weeks, I asked her to give me more details including how much it cost to hire and where I can hire from. She knew I would never stop pestering her until I have had my feelings, so she was cooperative.

After strategising for a long time, I finally took the leap. I hired. The experience was all that my friend has explained – and more. I was quick to tell my escorts to take me to any fun place under the pretence that I didn’t know many places in Manchester.

The best way to learn from people is usually to pretend that you know nothing. Some people are often threatened when you show them that you know as much or more than they do and will refuse to open up to you. I had never hired an escort before, so it was best to play safe by assuming that I knew nothing.

Within a space of three months of consistent hiring, my eyes were opened to the glamour of Manchester. I even went for skiing once with my escort. I played other games that I never thought I liked, but they turned out to be exciting.

By hiring male escorts in Manchester, I was able to visit restaurants in lonely corners where I wouldn’t have been able to go. Fun in some of them starts at night – almost like a party. With all these exciting experiences, it is easy to see why I quickly became an addict. I spoke with my friend recently, and she sounded worried. In her words, she said, “I think you are overdoing it”.

I smiled.

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