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Transgender male escorts: What it takes to be one

transgender male escortsBesides the fact that I had the female genitals, I don’t see any other thing feminine about me. I behaved like a boy from a very tender age that some of my friends have always teased me that I was a boy. They expected me to be angry when they said it, but I was proud. Since I turned into an adult, I have always thought of ways of joining transgender male escorts.

One of my greatest role model when it comes to switching sexes is the Jenner family. He made it look effortless, and his children accepted him the way he is. Watching him has always triggered longing in me. For a long time, I have been making inquiries about becoming a transgender, what it would take and the experience of becoming one. I was eager to know everything possible.

I have searched LGBT forums, and the more I read about the experiences, the more I was eager to be a man rather than being a man in a woman’s body. I know that some forum comments should never be taken seriously just like reviews because some of them are doctored to keep the thread alive or draw in customers regarding reviews.

I was eager to stage a one-on-one conversation with a transgender, touch them and if possible see their genitals. All this was important to me so that I would at least know what to expect. I have heard that having an expectation that is too high is often the cause of disappointment that many transgenders have after their transformation.

It was during my search for a one-on-one experience that I discovered transgender male escorts. In the right sense, I stumbled upon transgender male escorts because I had something else in mind when I searched through Google, but when the option came up among the results, I decided to have a closer look at it.

I have heard about male and female escorts as well as gay escorts, but I have never imagined that there was anything like transgender male escorts until that day. The discovery made me scream with joy. In a month, I had hired several times. I bet that all the transgender I hired would never forget me because of my enthusiasm as well as the numerous questions I asked.

The first question I usually asked was, “I want to become a transgender too, how should I go about it?”

The answer I got for that question was almost identical. They told me that it was very important to know the hospital I was signing up with because that determined to a large extent if I would be satisfied with the process or not. They particularly told me to make sure that I request for pictures or proof of previous clients they have handled and if I could, speak to them directly. They all agreed that it was a life-changing decision.

All the while I was thinking that becoming a transgender immediately qualified you to join transgender male escorts. that was the next question that I asked, “Becoming a transgender makes me a transgender male escort, right?”

One of the transgender male escorts I asked that question laughed so hard that I began to laugh too. He later apologised if I had felt embarrassed by his laughter, but I said it was OK. He really felt remorseful that I had to assure him that I was not offended in any way. He was the one that gave me the most useful answer about joining transgender escorts. He told me that the process of joining the escort industry was the same, irrespective of the category you wanted to join.

“You have to work on your body and your communication skills,” he said. “You can do those even before you become a transgender.”

It made a lot of sense to me, and I immediately put it down on my to-do list. So far, I have acquired the skills it takes to become one of the best transgender male escorts. I have also made inquiries and penned down the best hospitals for such transformation. The only thing left for me is to raise enough money for the entire operation.

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