Transgender Male Escorts

Transgender Male Escorts

Greetings. I want to share my experience with you about a trangender male escort I hired some time ago. There were certaintransgender male escort experiences I had in the past that still makes me uncomfortable around men I really can’t narrate all of them here – or maybe I should just talk about a few of them, right?

The first was that I was raped in my teen by a guy who was supposed to be my boyfriend and protector. The same guy vowed to me when we started dating that he will never do anything to hurt my feeling. I wonder how people could make so many promises and end up not keeping to any of them. It is so disheartening whenever I think about his vain promises and what he did. Ok, I told you I had many experiences that changed my orientation about men but I think I will say no further about them because recalling them makes me want to cry. I never want my tears to drop for him or any other man.
For a long time, I have bottled up all these bitter feeling, refusing to share with anyone. The more I refused to share, the more I hurt. I had no other male friends (not as if I would have considered telling any of them if I had because they may use it against me too in the future) and I was very certain my female friends would laugh at me if I ever told them about it, crazy girls I have as friends.

One day I was browsing on my computer and mistakenly – or would I say fortunately – stumbled on this website about male escorts. I have never heard about them before neither do I know what they do. I flipped the page but as I kept busy doing other things, the name, ‘male escort kept reverberating in my head. I had grown curious and restless. I really needed to know what it was and what they are talking about.

I went back to the page and began to read some of the numerous testimonials of people who have used the service before. Some of them sounded so good to be true and I was already putting myself in the shoes of some of the stories I read. In the end, I told myself that if I had to open up to someone then it must be a total stranger so I would not bother if they laughed at me because we may never see again after that meeting.

Impulsively I hired one even without knowing when I did. When he knocked on my door I was alarmed but there was no going back now. This transgender male escort was so cute and gentle that merely looking at him and his broad shoulders, I felt like falling in love again. Unlike when I was with my girlfriends, I didn’t hesitate to tell him how I felt about men. I told him I would have easily chosen to be a lesbian if not for the norms that were stuffed into my head while growing up. He listened quietly and gave me far reaching advice. He was really good with his fingers. Whenever he touches, it hits the right spots and save for professionalism, we would have gone beyond where we stopped. The trans male escort worked well for my fantasy 😉 xxx

I never knew men could be so romantic and caring. Before he left, he told me he was a transgender. I now understood how he knew all my vulnerable spots. Transgender escorts or not, he helped me become whole again.