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become a male escortIf you are interested in becoming a male escort, there are lots of agencies out there where you can apply to become a male escort. The application process is usually easy and will not take you more than five minutes. There are several reasons why it is better to apply for male escort spot with a male escort agency than working as an independent escort, the major reason being that male escort agents have a wider audience than solo male escorts.

I can remember the first time I was asked by a friend to apply for male escort spot in his male escort agency and I turned it down. At that time, I was making a fortune as an independent escort and was like “What the heck is it with joining an agency that would probably end up ripping me off”. That was my concept of a male escort agency and I did all I could to shy away from any vacancy saying “become a male escort”.

I discovered how important male escort agency was when I left my location to a new location where I was unknown to everyone. Before I go further, it will be nice to rewind the clock so that you will appreciate where I am going to. My elder brother worked as a male escort and his career though a banner calling on guys to apply to become a male escort. The words “male escort” excited him and when he did a little research further, he became more interested and applied. He had made fame and fortune for himself in the business.

I envied him and through him, I became a male escort too. How it all started was that I used to watch his back when he had a tight schedule. Since we looked very much alike he would come to me and say,
“Hei bro, I got a call from a client asking me to escort her to so and so the client and I would like you to represent me”.

In my usual way, I would hesitate a little and he would be like,
“Don’t let me lose that money”.
I would smile and oblige – and I always got paid for it. As the money continued to increase in my pocket, I decided to make it a full-time occupation. I was so good at male escorting that I have gotten repeat hires from many of the clients my brother passed to me. It was exciting to work as a male escort and the clients never stopped pouring in. When my brother’s agency made a call for guys to apply for male escort spot, he told me about it but I saw no need for it so I told him I was not interested.
Back to where I was. In the new location, the major challenge I had was growing my clients again because I was a total stranger. I was not also close to my brother to enjoy his spill over. Somehow, I believed that I would get through the setback but when my purse started to deplete, I knew I had to act fast. I moved from pub to pub, from one nightclub and strip clubs to another, telling a few people I had the opportunity of interacting with that I was a male escort but that did not work very well. The drought continued. I also discovered that moving from one place to another telling people to hire you was a little demeaning. I needed no one to tell me that I had to try something different. I joined a male escort agency that night.

It was there that I discovered that majority of male escort users in my new location prefer to apply for the male escort online rather than to use the services of independent male escorts whom they could not always trust. The next morning, my phone was already ringing and I figured it was the best decision I had taken in my career. Here is my final word. For you to become successful in your career, you have to monitor your environment.

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