Valentine’s Day male escorts made me feel loved

valentine day male escortBy this time last year, I was a lonely woman feeling rejected. The psychological trauma was excruciating. The more people talked about preparing for Valentine’s Day, the more I got depressed and wished I was loved. February 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day male escorts gave me a surprise I will not forget in my lifetime.

On the 12th of February 2017, I reeked of hatred for myself. I guess I would have felt different if I had a good job that paid well and kept me busy. As an immigrant, finding a job is not always easy. I did a lot of babysitting and cleaning for different homes. The pay was good enough to keep surviving though, and it was pretty better than my home county.

I had no boyfriend, so I wasn’t expecting any gift. I felt less of a woman whenever I went online and saw posts talking about the perfect Valentine gift. I recall when I was in my home country, Valentine used to be special. I had a lot of admirers, and they use the celebration to try and woo me, every one of them. I would get a lot of invites such that I would be the one picking where I want to visit.

When I came here, I noticed a society where everyone wants to be on their own. I have this neighbour I don’t see for months. Even when she was around, she would lock up herself in her room. It’s so difficult blending in here.

I remember coming back from babysitting a client’s child on the 13th of February last year when I bumped into this guy. I was nibbling on my phone and didn’t see him coming. The force of the impact made me lose grip on the phone. It fell on the concrete floor, and the screen cracked.

I knew there was no way I could get money to replace it. I was furious at myself. The guy was apologetic even though it wasn’t really his fault.

“I am so sorry,” he said.

I was numb. I stood still thinking of what to do. My eyes were fixed on the shattered screen. After apologising for a while, he bent down and picked up the phone and did something remarkable. I was stunned. He pulled out his phone, swapped the SIM and gave me his phone. I was in a dilemma. I wanted a replacement because I knew I couldn’t afford a new one but I was also sceptical of a trap.

As if he read my suspicion, he said, “What about coming to Valentine’s Day male escorts party? If you don’t like the phone, you can give it back to me then,” and smiled. He mentioned the venue and briefly explained the expectation. He then gave me his number.

I smiled back cautiously as I took the phone from him. “I will be there,” I said.

A little party would not hurt I told myself the evening of the next day when I dressed up in my red linen gown. I don’t wear it often because it sweeps the floor although I enjoy the feeling I get whenever I put it on. It hugs my skin in a way that it brings out my curves.

The Valentine’s Day male escorts party turned out to be a blast for me and I was happy I attended. There were lots of drinks and for the first time in my life, I partied like I was in the elite class. It was there I learned about who male escorts were.

I imagined if the male escorts on regular days were the same as the Valentine’s Day male escorts I partied with. If it were, it was easy to explain why people got addicted. It was an evening of happiness for everyone.

The climax of the event was giving out gifts. I was shocked when I was called up to receive the gift of the “Most sexy lady”. Attending that Valentine’s Day male escorts party changed made me feel loved. It changed my life and the way I saw myself.

I saw the guy that gave me his phone. We swapped phones again an I discovered he had fixed my phone.

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