Welcome to my Agency

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen

My name is Ian I have been a straight male escort for 3 years now working on my own website this has provided me with a wealth of experience in this enjoyable line of work.

When I first started Male escorting it was on a whim I never expected to get anyone calling for my services!! but I was soon pleasantly surprised as the number of females enquiring about my services, over the last 3 years it has just got busier and busier, especially with the recent TV documentaries and Newspaper articles.

I felt with all this added interest I would set up my own agency WITH A DIFFERENCE, as an experienced Male Escort I will Vet, choose and train new male escorts to ensure we offer the highest possible experience for our clients.

For escorts wanting to apply please visit the application page, I will then evaluate your profile and advise you on how you can improve, I will also call you to advise you what to expect.

For women looking to book a male escort, my goal is to offer you the most elite articulate and funny escorts for you to enjoy your time with.

Anyhow enjoy looking through my website and if anyone’s any suggestions please email me on the contact page.

Thanks for reading our first post p.s don’t worry they will become more entertaining 🙂


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