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What it takes to become a London male escort

london-150x150London male escorts fill every kind of void ranging from home companion to a companion for a red carpet or dinner. Becoming a male escort can be rewarding because it has provided many with the opportunity to make decent income, while to others it is the opportunity to freely express themselves. If you have the intention of joining the league of London male escorts, there are very simple lessons you must learn for a great career. Some of them are listed below and would need to be taken seriously. Your body is by far your most priced asset as a male escort. The first rule of a business is that you should never play with your source of income. Taking care of your body is paramount. Being healthy is not enough; you will have to look it. This means that you would have to watch what you eat. Avoid too much carbohydrate and embrace lots of fruits. Excessive dieting on carbohydrate will bloat you. If it means visiting a dietician to recommend meals, do it. As a male escort, no amount of investment on your body can be considered as too much. Your choice of cologne matters too. If by chance you have developed body odor, you would need strong cologne to mask it. A body odor is a STRICT NO NO for a male escort. When you wear cologne, you have to be sensitive about how people react to them. If your cologne is too strong that it makes people sneeze then you may need to change it. Learn how to speak. Speaking is not about opening and closing your mouth. You have to learn the right words to say and when to say them. As a male companion, you would be required to switch your level of speech and choice of words from time to time to suit the occasion and your client. This may not be particularly easy and you may need to take up speaking courses and reading voraciously. Finding the right agent. Operating like an island may be very difficult meaning you would need to find an agent that would promote your career. There are lots of agents out there but it is very important to get a good one or your career may be stunted or snuffed out. Before signing up with any agent, have a good look at the terms of the contract. Research the operations of the agent and where possible, ask those already signed up for their experience. Being emotionally fit. Besides being physically fit, a male escort needs to be emotionally fit to be able to handle the clients. Bear at the back of your mind that you will meet clients that may be ‘crazy’ and you would need the emotional fitness to properly handle them. Getting easily irritated or not being able to control your temper will cost your dearly.

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