Male escorting in the UK

What male escorting in the UK taught me

It all started as a joke after my high school. I was a very social guy in school, so I made many friends particularly girls. Each time they wanted to attend any party or a gathering they will call me up and ask if I could be their companion there. There was a time I got two requests from two different girls to follow them to an event. I accepted one and turned down the other. However, when I arrived at the venue, a small scuffle ensued between the girls.

The one I turned down accused the other of snatching me from her. I was trying to explain to them that I was both their friends and they refused to listen. A third party later came in and made peace between them and we agreed to share. At the end of the event, both of them followed me to my house, and we had a lovely evening together caressing each other’s body. I have never had such a pleasurable experience before.

UK male escorting

One day, while I was browsing through the Internet, I stumbled on this male escort website. They were looking for male escorts in the UK that were willing to travel to different cities. I read the description and thought it was ‘free money’ so I declared my interest. I was invited over and interviewed, and from that day, they began to link me up with clients in different cities. This was the beginning of my journey into male escorting in the UK.

It came to a point where I went to as much as three to five cities in a month. I mingled with the excessively rich. From them, I learned that life should not be taken too seriously. I learned that it is important to seize any opportunity you have to spend time with your family and friends. I realised how important it was to smile often. I learned that life for the rich meant more than just having money. I could go on, and on listing what I learned from the rich but on second thought, I think I would rather write a book about my experience.

Through male escorting in the UK, I also got the opportunity to mingle with those at the very bottom of the ladder. From this group of people, I learned that life was an opportunity. To them, dying was easier than living. From them, I learned that happiness is not dependent on the amount of money or possessions you have. As I sat one evening watching some teenagers kick around an old ball, watching how they fall and stand, push each other but yet the anger is not deep-seated. At the end of the game, they reach out to each other and laugh and joke about their failures and successes while making a firm resolve to be better the next time.

A few times I have been out of the continent entirely. There was this time I was invited over to another country by this very rich lady. She was really nice to me. She took care of all the travel expenses and paid me handsomely one of the perks of male escorting in the UK. The day before my departure, I ran into a very pretty lady. She was 23. However, she looked older than her age.

Her mother was sick, and she was on the street doing every petty job that came her way to raise money. She wanted to clean my shoe, but I refused. During our discussion, I felt pity for her and stayed back. I helped her take her mother to the hospital and offset the bill. I stayed a few days before leaving. Seeing the smile and gratitude on their faces meant a lot to me a joy beyond money.

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