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What next for male escort agencies?

escort agenciesThere is no way you can talk about male escorts without taking a long time to talk about male escort agencies that is probably how important these agencies have been. They weaved the rope that was used to draw up the child called male escort from the dark depression it fell into.

Male escort agencies made sure that male escorts could breathe again, gave respect to the name, male escorts and made them more visible to the world. My question is, despite all that male escort agencies have done, is there room for improvement? Can they take male escorts beyond this level?
Well, many male escorts themselves do not even realize the importance or contributions of the male escort agencies which are really sad. I was speaking with a new male escort the other day and the words he used to describe male escort agencies were terrifying. I had asked him how he was coming along and if his agency has been of any benefit to him and he replied,
“You know the hustle, you have to be on your feet. I am doing pretty fine and would have been better if not that my agency gulps a good part of my earning. I would have been better sincerely.”
You see, my friend here doesn’t see male escort agencies as part of the solution but part of the problem. And I bet you, if there should be some kind of referendum to decide if male escort agencies should remain in operation or done away with, he would gladly vote for the later. It took me close to two hours to school him that day and the small meeting which was supposed to last for an hour ended up being extended. I was glad I did the schooling because, by the time I left him, it was one less person talking against male escort agencies. And I urged him to pass the message across to his friends who shared his previous opinion. I really wish he would do that. That left me asking myself if male escort agencies actually take the time to educate their male escorts on why they need them and why they deserve to be paid. They need to start blowing their trumpets.

Let me give you a brief rundown of the past of male escorts before moving ahead. In the past, male escorts were like beggars moving from one place to another in a bid to advertise their services. It was not only a tiring process but also a demeaning one that robbed them of their prestige. With the advent of male escort agencies, there was no need to do that anymore. Male escorts began to attract the kind of respect that is desirous of a king and more people got to know about their services which also meant more clients. It was a cascade of events all happening at the same time to the advantage of male escorts. If anything should make the industry degenerate to what it used to be like half a century ago, I wonder how many people will be willing to continue.

Now let me tell some of the people who have been nursing negative emotions about male escort agencies why it is paramount that they donate to the agency. If you have ever made an attempt to run a website, you would have realized how difficult it is in terms of time and finance. The money that goes to male escort agencies is used to maintain the website and keep them running efficiently. Those behind the running of the websites need to be paid too no one would want to run such an operation for free especially when they have needs to be met too.

So, having told you about the past and importance of male escort agencies as well as tried to demystify the notion that they are part of the problem, my next question is what more can they offer to male escorts? Well, this is the time when male escorts need the male escort agencies to step up their activities. They can work together with the state to either abolish or implement new laws that sway in their favour. Singly, they may not make an impact but when they come together as a team, they definitely will.

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