What to Say on a Date: Advice for Male Escorts

What do you talk about on a date with a client as a male escort? Do you have any suggestions for things to say when it’s going well? When it’s not going so well?

The way in which we communicate with each other is of the utmost importance, and in many cases can make or break even the best of client relationships.

This advice applies to anyone on a date – not just those on a date with/as a male escort.

So what should we talk about on a date to ensure that we have an enjoyable time together? You might be wondering if there are some topics that are off-limits. Fear not, as this article shares different ways you can engage your date in conversation, such as by telling jokes, showing interest and being flirty.

What to Talk about on a Date

There are a number of topics that may be appropriate to discuss on a first date. One option is to engage your date in conversation with jokes, as laughter is known to help create feelings of closeness and intimacy.

Another option is to show interest by asking them about themselves, their interests, what they do for work or how they spend their time outside of work.

It can also be nice to share some personal information early on and allow your date to get to know you better.

Flirting may seem like an obvious conversation topic for a first date too; however, it should be done tastefully with the other person’s comfort in mind.

How to Show Interest on a date

One way to show interest on a date is through laughter. One study found that we laugh 60 times every single day, and it doesn’t take much to make us laugh.

In fact, just the sound of laughter is enough to make people want to laugh more. So if you want to show your date that you’re interested, make them laugh! It’s also important to avoid being too serious or intense. Share some jokes with one another and use humour as a tool for connecting with your partner.

Another way to show interest on a date is by showing physical affection. Touching your partner in a non-sexual manner can help strengthen your bond and make them feel more comfortable around you.

A good way to do this is by touching their arm lightly when speaking or casually brushing their hand with yours when reaching for the same object. These simple gestures are enough to make someone feel cared for and valued, which can lead to an increased connection between the two of you.

Flirting on a Date

So, you’re on a date with someone – but it’s not going so well. What can you do to salvage the situation? One option is to flirt with him or her. Flirting is often seen as a controversial topic, as some believe it should only be done in the early stages of a relationship while others believe it’s appropriate throughout the duration of the relationship. Regardless, flirting is always an interesting thing to help take your date back up a notch if you’re feeling like things are getting stale.

When flirting with somebody, be sure not to come off too strong and don’t place too much importance on it either by being overly flirtatious. It’s best to just go with how you feel at the moment and make your intentions clear without overdoing it.

Talking about Yourselves on a date

One thing that we all like to do is share our thoughts, feelings and perspective with their date. It’s easy to start off by discussing what brought you two together in the first place.

You could also share with your date who your ideal partner would be. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who shares your work or motivations or is interested in the same hobbies as you. If this isn’t something that may come up during a typical date, make sure to ask your date some questions beforehand so they know what to expect!

It can often be difficult to think of new topics of conversation when we’re on a first date or even just getting to know somebody new. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some flirty topics for a conversation starter out there though!

You might try asking an intimate question about your partner’s love life, such as whether they’ve ever been married before or if they have any ex-partners still lingering around from their past relationships. Or if things are going well, maybe it’s time for some flirty about you/them jokes?

When Things Aren’t Going Well

There are many things you can do when a date is not going well. You could talk about what happened on your way over, or how you’re feeling about the current political climate. You could give them a compliment, ask about their day, or just ask what they like to do for fun. This will get your mind off of how things might not be going so great and allow you to start having a good time again.


You don’t need to prepare for a date by memorizing a script. Just be yourself and be open to what the other person has to say.