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When there’s no attraction with a Male Escort

When there’s no attraction

No escort attraction Even without the much dreaded C-word – commitment, female clients still generally want to have a bit of connection with the male escort. The talks, dinner and date are all to reduce the awkwardness and loosen the tension(and sometimes the belt) and nervousness especially if it’s the client’s first time. This is even more evident in cases where sex has been listed as a possibility. So what happens if there’s just no click or you just don’t appeal to the female client? When this happens, you’ve got to still endeavor to make the night or session memorable. Doing so will make the client know it wasn’t your fault and could perhaps make her book you again for your efforts. I discuss the tips and the skills to have in your repertoire that will help override a lack of attraction.

Sensual massage

Volunteer to give a sensual massage. I cannot emphasize how important this is. Having the ability to do a massage well is a must for every male escorts more so the sensual massage. It’s aim is to set the mood and in this particular scenario of no attraction, your ability to perform the sensual massage well is key.
You have to go out of your way to learn this and doing it well will only speak volumes to your clients.

Ask what she wants

Despite the fact that before booking you she listed what was required of you, you still need to take the lead and ask of her needs. Between the time she made the booking and the actual meet, a lot could have happened. Her fantasies might have changed, she might have heard something new and willing to try it. Asking her would mean she can be forthcoming about it and fulfilling it means you have done her a favor. Asking her what she needs just puts her imaginations into motion; she begins to think of endless possibilities – make her know she owns the night or session and see the real her.

Do something unique

Perhaps you have certain skills that will wow her. Skills like painting, dancing, singing and poetry will help show another side to you. She will appreciate the fact that you’re more than being a male escort. The key is to make sure it’s tailored to the client. Such things will make the night memorable with or without the sex.
Make her feel good about herself

While you are spending time with her, ensure you keep an eye out for things that stand out. Complimenting her with words that resonate with what she knows about herself is desirous. This way she’ll know it’s not a rehearsed line that you use on all your clients like a schoolboy with a hook-up line from Titanic.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned while on a call. The important thing is to remain professional and spontaneous. Keeping a smile on your face trying to leave no stone unturned in your quest to please her. If you go the extra length and the client is still unreceptive, then perhaps it’s not you.

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