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A few years ago, male escort vacancies were common sights on the walls. You will see them as finely designed posters with bold serif fonts glued on strategic places. Today if you are looking for the same, there is a huge chance that you may never see them. However, this does not mean that they don’t exist anymore. They now appear as small ads on your computer screen.
However, there is something I will love to mention here. As long as there are night clubs and parties, male escort vacancies will continue to exist because many celebrities use their companies for such events. I didn’t know that until I started attending night clubs every Friday.

I came to the realisation when I attended a party hosted by a friend who was a DJ. He invited me, and I told him I would be there. That day I was very tired and almost missed the event, but for the fact that I gave him my word, I decided to show up. At the event, there were lots of expensive wine and loud music. On a good day when I had all my strength, I was pretty sure that I would have gotten drunk. However, for that day, I maintained my cool. I didn’t have the energy to dance or drink, so I went to the bar and sat on one of the stools there.

I was patiently waiting for the event to end so that I will go home and take a deep nap. I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I raised my head and saw a very beautiful lady looking over my shoulder. I recognised the face. I saw her with a guy on black tuxedo dancing together. They were smiling from ear to ear. I imagined how lovely it is to find cute, young couples who are madly in love.

She greeted me, and I gathered enough strength to smile back at her.
“You look lonely. Aren’t you enjoying the party?” she said.
“I am. Just tired.”
“Them you must need company.”

She drew a stool closer to me and sat beside me. I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to get into trouble with anyone. I know some men are very jealous and they could do the meanest things just seeing you talking to their girlfriends. I had to ask,
“I thought you came to the party with your boyfriend?” I said with one eyebrow raised.
She giggled, “No. that was just an escort. Nothing intimate”. That was when I relaxed, and we started talking freely. As at that time, I didn’t have a vast knowledge of escorts and when I asked she was willing to explain.

“Male escort vacancies are opening up almost every day. You have the physique. Why not apply for one and I will definitely hire you.” We both laughed.

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Besides the ads on small rectangular boxes that pop up once in a while on a computer screen, I bet I still saw the old fashioned posters on the wall of the private room of the club. I guess you may be wondering how I got there. This lady, she said her name was Alexia. After talking for like twenty-something minutes, she whispered to me that she was horny and begged me to follow her to one of the private rooms. I refused at first, but when she began to plead, I felt my knees buckle. I agreed, and she literarily held my hand and led me there. Apparently, she was very familiar with the environment. However, for me, it was the first time I was ever entering the private room of any club.

When she has satisfied her urge, she obviously seemed happy with me. She turned to me and said, “Remember that thing I told you about male escort vacancies, think about it. Many women are definitely going to love you. You are really amazing.”
I nodded, and we spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s body with our hands. In the morning we went our separate ways, but my heart clung to the memory. If taking up male escort vacancies was the only way to see her again I was up for the challenge.