Why every woman should use male companionship services

male companionship

The life of a woman is a very difficult one. Men usually accuse us of complexity when n the real sense of it, they are the ones that are complex. If you take the statistic of the so-called “bad girls” – whatever that means – you will discover that 70 to 80 percent of them have had a terrible experience with a guy out there. Girls who are well respected are those who have multiple guys around them. This is why I think every girl should use male companionship services. As a girl, I find it hard to believe that some girls can stay without a man till they are married. My first boyfriend made me realise how dumb this was. The moment he realised that I was a virgin, he adored me and did almost everything for me and then, the moment he deflowered me, his attitude changed. It became evident that to him, finding and deflowering girls is his trophy. I know many guys out there are just like him although I know that there could be a few exceptions too.

Now, look at it this way, how come in many parts of the world, girls are expected to be faithful why nothing of such is preached to men? Guys are always hunting for virgins but I have never heard a girl say before that she is hunting for a guy who is a virgin to marry or to call her boyfriend. This is totally unfair and I would want to believe that it is on this premise that many women are raising their flag for feminism. Well, I do not understand the brain of guys works particularly those who are able to keep more than one relationship. I know for girls, it is a hard thing to do because when a girl is in love, she gives her entire heart to it which makes it almost impossible for her to love more than a guy at the same time. Hence, as a girl, the only way you can brave having so many guys around is to use male companionship services.

I once had a conversation with several guys and they made it open that girls are more attractive when they have lots of guys around her. You know, there is something weird about guys. First is that guys are primed to contest. Guys rarely value anything they don’t work hard to get – many girls are like that too although for guys it is a little more at the extreme. There is this sense of fulfilment guys get when they finally get a girl that has made life a little uncomfortable for them. I learned this from the opinion of guys so I wonder why a girl would believe that a guy would love her more because she does not have any other guy around her. I still believe that there are exceptions but the majority won’t. In a world where we are dealing with the majority, I think it is better – if not best – to fall in line with the majority because if you should align with the minority and there happen to be a fallout, then you are gone.
Also, I think the use of male companionship services will help every woman out there to set the standard for themselves. Some girls who are in a relationship are taking lots of rubbish because they think that is the best they can get. No. Guys who join male companionship services know that they have to give their clients the best if they are not going to jeopardise their career. In the male companionship industry, the law is simple, it is either you offer the best of services or you get out. This is an unofficial law because it is not written on any slate and hung on the wall but it is widely practised which makes it viable. If those guys that have dedicated themselves to providing companionship services can train themselves to be romantic and caring to women – who are strangers to them, mind you – then a guy that calls himself your boyfriend should be able to do better. I am not by this writing preempting anyone to do anything; I am just stating a logical and obvious fact. Thank you for taking your time to read.