Why I chose to rent a man over a relationship

Rent a manWhen I discovered it was so easy to rent a man, I was like, “why have I been killing myself trying to make a doomed relationship work?” Many girls are of the opinion that if you love your man, you should do everything to keep him. I want to change that mindset. Don’t do for a guy more than you are willing to do for yourself just to make him stay. NO. Instead, rent a man.

This is my third year of being in a relationship. I met this guy at the shopping. He was one of our regular customers, and he usually bought a nearly same set of groceries each time he came around. His routine made it easy to notice him.  I was one of the cashiers in the mall. His voice was so soft and calm like that of a lady. Falling in love with him was easy and seemed magical at that time.

I used to visit his house and pass the night there each time I was off duty. After doing this for a while, I discovered I wasn’t getting enough of him, so I decided to move to his apartment.  For the first few months, our love flourished, and the romance was beyond cloud 9. I was proud to call him my boo, and he proudly called me his bae.

I am beginning to think that too much romance in a relationship is bad. It is good for both partners to take a break once in a while. It rejuvenates the relationship. I didn’t know this, and I guess it was the bane of our relationship. I guess he was fed up with me and started showing me attitude.

He was no longer attracted to me sexually like before, and it was obvious in his actions. I was still drawn to him. I wanted to be in his arms and have him cuddle me all night. I still want to do all the naughty stuff with him under the sheet, but it was as if he was turned off like a switch.

Armed with the mindset that girls must work hard to keep their relationship, I was determined to do whatever it takes to have my man back. If I knew that I could rent a man, I wouldn’t have worked so hard trying to get someone to love me. I started to cook regularly for him. It was a stressful experience, but I was a desperate lady and didn’t mind the consequences.

I began to seduce him more. Each time he lost control of himself and grabbed me, there was a feeling of fulfilment that overwhelms me. We would kiss passionately and sometimes ending in mind-blowing sex. But immediately we were done he would go back to being the ghost that I was struggling to know.

I don’t know where I was getting the conviction that he would change, that it was just a matter of time. The moment I perceived the relationship was about to become abusive, I gave up. I can endure every other thing but not an abusive relationship.

I wasn’t very good at approaching random men, but I must confess that I always love the attention and company of men. Many months after I quit that relationship, the urge for a male companion was becoming unbearable.

Since I couldn’t approach a random guy and ask for a relationship, I began looking for alternatives. It was during my search that I discovered rent a man services. I was thrilled by the possibility that I had to go over every page of their website.

“I could rent a man?” I repeated to myself over and over.

I was still pondering on how true that idea could be. I only started believing when I hired a man, and he showed up at my door a few hours later. It was an amazing experience. Felt like the first time I fell in love with my ex. I was glad I stumbled on that service.

Now, I don’t see the need to kill myself to gain the approval of any man who would turn out a mess. With the rent a man I can relive only the happy moment.

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