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Why I joined a male escort agency after working solo

I am usually confused about what I really want. However, if there is one thing I can say that I am really sure about, it is the love of privacy. I love to be in charge of whatever I do. It was the motivation that made me opt for freelance work rather than taking up paid employment. I also worked solo as an escort for a long time but recently joined a male escort agency. I know you might be feeling surprised but wait till you hear the full story.

I mentioned that I worked on a freelance basis right? I was actually a freelance writer. I had also recruited writers to do most of the work I had so I was mostly free. I was looking for a way to invest these free times into something productive, and somehow I ended up as a male escort. I wouldn’t want to go into details this time. It was both exciting and challenging, but I am not the type of person that easily backed down from a challenge.

Although I didn’t know about male escort agency when I started working as an escort, is the type of person that loved to be in charge, I bet it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had that information at my disposal. I don’t know why but I always feel cheated when I am not the one in charge. No matter how sincere my boss may be, I will still have this salient grudge that I am being ripped off.

My first client had contacted me that she wanted someone to follow her to an event. Earlier I had placed adverts on different media that I was a freelancer and could do any job. Following people from one place to another was the last thing I had in mind when I placed those adverts. However, she made me an offer that I could not resist. Her offer meant that I would earn an amount I would probably earn writing for not less than twenty hours in two hours.

It was while we partied from one red carpet to another that she told me about escorts. She admitted that she thought that was what I meant when she saw the advert. I told her my intention, and we all laughed at the misunderstanding. She was really nice and having her as a companion felt like a privilege. It was the positive experience that I had with her that made me consider escorting more seriously.

“I will recommend some of my friends to you”, she said before we parted ways.

In the coming weeks, I had more clients. This was when I faced a new challenge; pricing. Unlike my first client, the ones I had subsequently were not so generous and sincere. They were proposing to offer me far less than my first client had offered. In comparison with my freelance writing, I still felt it was a great deal and rolled along.

I got a lot of repeats hires because of my low rates, and I soon became exhausted. The initial thrill I had for the job had faded. I decided to go online to search to know if it was just me or it was the fate that met all escorts.

It was through this search that I learned more about male escort agency. I discovered they had a standard fee which was way higher than what I have been receiving. I felt exploited. I made other chilling discoveries including the fact that those who worked with a male escort agency had better opportunities at advancing their career while those of us that decided to work solo usually end up stuck in our career.

There is this forum I discovered which had guys working with a male escort agency and those that work on a solo basis. They compared the benefits of each side. Reading from the two worlds, I discovered with my intention of going professional with escorting, I needed a guide, and there was no other place I could get this guide besides joining a male escort agency. I have started the process of joining an agency, and in a few days, I hope to finalise it.

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