Why I will never forget male escorting services

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If not for male escorting service, I doubt if I will be here writing this piece. My name is Rita, and recently I had a taste of heartbreak. I bet by now you would imagine that there was a guy and all that. Well, you are wrong. It had nothing to do with a guy.

My mum is the only person that has mattered all my life. She is the only close confident I have ever known, and she has always lavished her love on me without thinking twice. I didn’t meet my dad. My mum said he died when I was one. He was returning with enthusiasm to meet my first birthday when he was involved in a car crash and died. Such a fine young man, my dad, was. My eyes still burn anything I look at his frozen images in the family photo album.

It is exactly two weeks I turned twenty, and my mum was snatched by death in a similar event. I was supposed to be in that car with her, but my friend came around so I bade her goodbye with a promise that I would be with her soonest. I was never able to keep my promise. I wished I was there with her when it all happened.

I have cried my eyes sore, but I didn’t want to stop crying. I wanted to keep crying, but my eyes had been drained of all the tears in the tear gland. My friends came around to keep me company, but there was little they could do to help my situation.

They all fear the same thing; I could see it from their eyes. They feared what I would do if I was left alone. Some of them suggested that I see a psychologist, but I refused. I shared their fears too. Nothing made sense to me anymore. The only reason why I wanted to live and become somebody great had been snatched away from me.

The holidays were over, but I definitely won’t be returning to school for a while. My friends made sure I was never left alone, so they took turns to hire male escorting service for me. I must confess that they had their way of breaking my solitude – and they made it look so effortless. You would only understand the impact of what those guys at the male escorting services did if you saw how much my friends have tried without success. That is true professionalism.

What people don’t understand is that the more you treat people like they are sick, the more they become sick psychologically. That was exactly what my friends were doing. The more they told me “sorry” and said all those sympathy words, the more it made me think about the situation.

The guys from the male escorting service did not do that. I presume my friends should have told each of them they hired what I was going through, but none of them ever mentioned it. The first guy from the male escorting service knocked on the door, and when I opened, he flashed a brilliant smile. I continued frowning, but it didn’t seem to dampen his spirit.

I turned around and began to walk back to the sofa where I always curl myself up. He walked into the room and said, “Damn! This house stinks”.

Unconsciously I began sniffing my clothes. I hadn’t even known I was listening.

“Maybe you should go to the shower”, he said.

For the first time since the incident, my mind was totally cut off from thinking about the incidence. I could not agree more. I needed to shower. I walked as if I was under remote control and took my shower. I was my first in like 5 days or so – I have lost count.

Subsequently, the guys from the male escorting service continued to relate with me till the memories I never thought I would lose faded. I was struggling to hold onto the memories at some point, but it was obvious I had to let go. When I showed up at school the following week, my friends could not believe their eyes. They are still trying to find out exactly what happened.

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