Why male escort employment is not announced

male escorting employmentMy name is Alex. I am 29 years. I have been trying to join the escort industry since I was 23. The only mistake I was making was that I was waiting for male escort employment announcement to be made public so that I would apply  just like they do for other jobs. That never happened and I have been wondering why.

I joined the escort industry two years ago, and I didn’t get the info of male escort employment through any media. It was a friend who knew about my ambition that informed me that there was an opening for escorts. I quickly applied and got it. Life seems to be easier sometimes if you are doing something in line with your passion not always though.

It was only recently that I got to know the reasons why male escort employment announcements are never made. I would want to share some of the reasons here so that if you are planning to join the escort industry, you should be on the lookout for another means of knowing when there is an opening rather than waiting for an official male escort employment announcement.

The first and most obvious reason is that there is a mixed feeling about escorting. Moralists think it is not something anyone should be doing. In that case, if there should be an official announcement, people will be watching to see those that respond to such calls. Subsequently, their feeling or interaction with such people may waver.  It is important to note that one of the best things that would happen to you is a stigma it is not something I would wish for my enemy.

In the neighbourhood where I stay there are lots of Christians and moralists. I have a friend who is an escort living in the neighbourhood. Almost everyone knows he is an escort. I don’t know how that happened. Now, some of the young ladies don’t want anything to do with him. The one I asked the reason why that was so said,

“When you are dating an escort it is just like doing an emotional business because he may never agree to marry you. Even if he marries you, you will have to get used to seeing him around women. This makes it hard to tell when he is cheating on you or when he is dealing with legitimate clients”.

I understood her point, but I also think it was myopic. I know some escorts that have families, and they are living happily.

The second reason I quickly noticed that made it hard to find male escort employment announcements was because of legal issues. Some countries criminalise male escort. If you are caught, you will spend a long time behind bars. If a public announcement is made about male escort employment, it is like calling the authorities onto yourself and complicating the lives of your escorts.

There was this time I travelled out of London because I had an international client to attend to. I didn’t know that escorting was illegal in that country. After I finished the job I came for, I felt like making extra money before leaving the country. I was bold enough to advertise myself as an escort in the bars with the hope that I would nail sumptuous male escort employment.

It was while I was parading myself that I met another escort who told me that he admired my guts but quickly asked, “Are you from around here or you just came into the country?”

“I have been here for just a few days”, I said.

He said it was obvious and suggested we leave the bar immediately because someone would have reported me already and the police would likely be around to get me arrested. He took me out through the back door.

As we walked down the street, I would cower each time I saw a police vehicle. He took me to a club exclusive for escorts, and I was lucky to find male escort employment there. It would have been a terrible experience if I was caught and I remain grateful for that escort that helped me out. I told him that if he ever visits London, I would be his host.

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