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How American Male Escorts Shaped My Future

I was notorious for making trouble, and this pushed me from one foster home to another. When I turned 18 and began forging my own life, the path was gloomy. I continued to wander and try my hands on several things until I encountered a group of American male escorts and everything changed. I will never forget that day. It was on the weekend I turned 20.

I was walking down the alley with my hood covering my head and earphones one. I was completely oblivious of my environment. Two guys attacked me from behind and knocked me down. One of them was dragging my phone while the other held me down. I was struggling with them when another guy appeared from nowhere to my rescue. He landed a heavy blow to the back of the head of the one holding me down. I freed myself and kicked the one dragging my phone. Feeling overpowered, they fled.

The Good Samaritan pulled me up, and we began talking. I thanked him. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch. One evening he called me out to a bar for a drink. I made it clear to him that I was a hobo and couldn’t afford that luxury. He offered to pay. While we were drinking, he asked me what I was doing for a living, and I told him I don’t even have a college degree.

“Have you considered American male escorts before?” he asked.

That was the first time I ever heard about American male escorts. “What is that?” I responded.

He started to explain himself. That was how I got to know that he was also a member. “Isn’t that illegal?” I asked with further curiosity, and he assured me it wasn’t.

For the next couple of weeks after that discussion, I continued to rummage on the idea. I wasn’t the type of person that makes hasty decisions and end up running back and forth. After a while, I told myself that there was really nothing to lose. I decided to opt-in.

The path to becoming one of the professional American male escorts wasn’t an easy one. It meant I had to hit the gym at least three times a week and work for at least three hours. It was hectic, but my newly found friend believed so much in me and the potentials locked inside that he was willing to offset the cost of my gym registration as well as every other minor debt.

While I was preparing to become a professional escort, I was indirectly preparing myself to become a better man. It was not just physical training; I was also undergoing mental training. My speech and vocabulary were getting polished. Mind you, I didn’t go to any school for this. It was simply the power of association. You gradually become what you identify with.

Fast forward to three months later, I was able to sign up with this reputable agency and did my first photo-shoot. The pictures were really sexy. I still admire them to this day. I am glad that I had one of the best mentors who made me understand that having a great profile will go a long way to determine your success.

Before enrolling as one of the American male escorts, I had no direction with my life. All that has changed now. Joining this agency has suddenly given me a purpose. Now I want to work hard and become the best I can in this industry. My goal is to keep maintaining 100% client satisfaction in this industry.

I forgot to mention that my friend allowed me to move in with him. I stayed there for a few months until I had enough money to rent my own apartment. He wanted me to keep staying, but I believe I have burdened him enough. I still visit him every now and then, and we are practically inseparable. Nothing I do for him will ever be enough to pay him back for drawing me out of a dark path into a straight road with a foreseeable destination.

I also have the agency to thank for giving me the right publicity that let me to blossom. Talking about my life makes me emotional, but I hope it inspires someone. Thank you for taking the time to read.