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"Discreet, professional and
perfect company. Thank you!"

"Discreet, professional and
perfect company. Thank you!"

a male escort
a male escort

"Discreet, professional, and perfect company. Thank you!"


"A mark of quality and assurance with professionalism paramount.
A fantastic company to work for."

"A mark of quality and assurance with professionalism paramount.
A fantastic company to work for."


"The standard of service is second to none.
Fantastic every time!"

"The standard of service is second to none.
Fantastic every time!


Welcome to The Male Escort Agency USA

~Where clients come first~

The leading international male escort agency.

Established in 2013 we have been providing premium non-sexual male escorts for all occasions, we have a diverse selection of companions to suit your requirements whether you require a plus one for an event or somebody to wine and dine you we have the man for you.

Dedicated to putting the USA’s best male companions at your fingertips.

The male escort agency has a diverse selection of companions, from personal trainers, chauffeurs, chefs, and many more so no matter what the occasion we have a professional man for you.


You always come first.

Whether you’re an established male escort or just starting out, we are committed to helping you become the best that you can be. We provide you help and advice with creating your profile and ongoing 24 hour support.

If your wishing to become a male escort rest assured we will help you every step of the way.


Ten years ago, I founded The Male Escort Agency to fulfil a need that wasn’t being met. The need for a reliable, reputable place where ladies and gentlemen could search for their perfect male companion to escort them on a variety of dates, events and occasions.

I must confess that when I started this business I had no idea how popular the site would become or that I would have to take on help to deal with the sheer volume of interest. We now have over 500 registered escorts and thousands of happy clients, many of whom are now regular customers of our escorts. We are the most-visited, and highest 5-Star independently reviewed agency online in the UK

The Male Escort Agency offers a full service to help all male companions – whether they be straight male escorts, gay male escorts, or bisexual male escorts – promote and advertise their services. We provide ongoing assistance, drawing input from our team to ensure the highest levels of quality, security, and above all discretion for all our clients.

In the last five years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of visitors from the USA – both escorts and clients alike – not to mention dozens of direct enquiries. With 7000+ of our daily visits now coming from the USA, it’s clear that you have needs too. We heard you, and now we’re here to take care of them.

With six-times the population and forty-times the landmass of the UK, it’s been no small task adapting our very UK-centric system. We’ve had to rebuild most of it from the ground up, along with the rest of the site.

We’re sorry it took so long, but if anyone knows the value of building anticipation, it’s us, and you will be satisfied.

If you’re interested in becoming a male escort, or are already a part of this exciting, rewarding industry and wish to join us here on the site, click the link below.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, our hundreds of satisfied clients, and our dedicated support for both escorts and clients alike. No matter whether you’re straight, gay, or bisexual, we’re here to help you on this new and exciting journey.

Personally, I’d like to thank you for all your patience and support helping us now become the largest international male escort agency.


Founder & CEO, TMEA Ltd.
Registered office address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ
United Kingdom

About The Male Escort Agency

The year it all began: 2009

Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to learn more about our exciting company!

In 2009, I was at something of a loose end – my previously successful business had struggled to recover from the 2008 financial crash. One night, I was out with some friends and colleagues. We were bemoaning the current tough financial situation, the economy overall, and generally putting the world to rights over a few beers.

A close friend asked: “Have you ever thought of becoming a male escort?”.

After picking myself up off the floor with laughter, my first response was that women don’t need to pay for men’s company – why on earth would they need to?

My friend then went on to tell me about another friend of his who did exactly such work as a straight male escort – and he was busy! Busy enough to make escorting his full-time – and very lucrative vocation.

Needless to say, it intrigued me, but I was highly sceptical.

I decided to do some research and contacted a few different male escorts from, at the time, the only UK directory that was operating. To my surprise, many of the guys I spoke to were doing quite well and enjoying their work.

After learning more, and talking to these gentlemen, I decided to give male escorting a try. I created my own website to promote myself as a straight male companion and listed myself on the directory.

Sure enough, I started receiving enquiries. To be honest, I had no idea how much interest I would receive – it is, after all, a very niche and relatively unheard of profession.

After a few months, people were booking me twice to three times a week, and I was also building up a group of regular clients – some of whom also became dear friends. I was travelling the world, expenses paid, not to mention getting paid to have fun and take care of people. I loved it!

It wasn’t just about the fun aspect though – there was work involved, too. I was learning how to improve myself both physically and intellectually, to become a better and more rounded person. I became more adept at understanding women: their different personalities, moods, their needs and how to anticipate them.

All this work helped me improve my life in general. I learned how to market myself and how to improve my biography on my listings. I learned how to choose which profile images to use to best show myself in different scenarios – whether it be a client looking for a “plus one” for a business event, or a more casual look for someone who just wanted to take a break from a hectic week and chill out.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. While there were many lovely, genuine clients, there were also a lot of time wasters. Gradually I developed a system to filter them out. That system worked well, and now I can pass on that information. I can offer personal advice based on a wealth of experience to aspiring male escorts, and give them a head start in this exciting, fun, and very rewarding industry.

Concept & Development of The Male Escort Agency

In 2012 I realised that there was no support available to new escorts. The agencies were little more than classified listings pages so there was no advice or ongoing support to anyone looking to become a male escort, or even help them figure out whether it would be suitable for them. It’s not a job for everyone.

I knew I could use my own experiences to help other escorts who were just starting. I could advise them on how to promote themselves to generate maximum interest. I could advise them how to improve not just their own experience, but their client’s too – and that, after all, is the priority when it comes to male escorting.

I decided it was time to fill the gap in this market, creating a website and inviting other male escorts to join me in promoting themselves while providing a network of support.

Since then, the website has gone from strength to strength and so has the industry, spurred by an increased acceptance of male escorting. The site’s popularity has grown year-on-year, and now, in 2020 we are the UK’s most visited male escort agency with well over 6000 unique visits per day.

We now have our own web design and marketing team, as well as experienced escorts on hand to offer new starters. Whether they’re straight, gay, or bisexual – we’re here to help.

We pride ourselves on giving the best expert advice which, in turn, provides the best possible results for both escorts and clients alike. Read our reviews on the site, or Google “The Male Escort Agency Reviews” to see what we mean.

Growth: 2015-2020

In the last five years, demand for male escorts has soared. Regular documentaries, newspaper, and magazine articles increased awareness for both clients and escorts. The company has grown from 20 male companions in 2012 to over 500 active male companions – straight, gay, and bisexual – by mid-2018.

This success and growth presented us with two problems:

  1. The website was getting old – it was struggling with increased traffic and the sheer weight of profile pictures.
  2. Over 50% of our website visits were originating in the USA – a market we couldn’t help!

There was only one solution: a new, bespoke website that could handle increased traffic as well as start to provide international coverage for male escorts – starting with the USA.

We wanted it faster, slicker, and to improve the overall user experience for both escorts and clients. We wanted it to carry us into the future.

Building such a website from scratch with over 10,000 pages of unique content is no mean feat, so we brought in our own web design team who could take those aspirations and make them a reality.

2020 and the future

After 16 months of consulting with clients, escorts, and the team; after testing, testing, tweaking, more testing, banging our heads on a brick wall and some more testing, we are now in the process of putting the finishing touches to the new website.

We’ve improved the look, the page speed, the navigation, but most of all we’ve improved the experience for our escorts and clients.

The Male Escort Agency USA

The second part of our redesign mission was to reach out to male escorts in the USA. We knew there was demand for our services from the sheer number of visits we were getting from our friends across the pond, and now we are there.

If you’re visiting this page, let us help you with our combined years of experience, let us advise and promote you and become the very best in this exciting and rewarding career.

Above all, we want to help clients in the USA find the perfect man for whatever their needs may be.

The Male Escort Agency – International

We are also receiving much interest from escorts and clients in Canada and Australia. Once we’ve finished polishing this latest iteration of the website we will be developing further to satisfy their needs.

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the history of our unique and forward-thinking company, and what our future has to hold.

Ian Booth

Founder and CEO of TMEA Ltd, A company registered in England and Wales (12076738).
Registered office address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.

In more than six years working as a male escort, I learned exactly what clients require, what they expect, and everything each of those things entails.

This in-depth understanding means I have since been able to help, guide, and support other men who want to enter the exciting, rewarding, male escorting world.

After gaining this in-depth understanding of the male escorting world, I have since been able to help, guide, and support other men who want to enter the exciting, rewarding, male escorting world.

I decided to start The Male Escort Agency as an online portal for men to maximise their careers in the male escorting industry. The Male Escort Agency website is a fantastic place to get information and help if you want to become a male escort, but it’s also now the UK’s leading agency with over 65,000 visits per month. There is a great demand for this service!

If you’re a male escort you don’t need me to tell you that unless people can find you, the chances of you receiving any bookings are virtually nil.

Through offering this level of help, information, evaluation and promotion for male companions, it sets us apart from any other directory or agency.

Just from the amount of experience we can bring to bear in support of male escorts, I know what we offer is totally unique.

Perfect for the client, perfect for the occasion.

~The client always comes first~

A good male escort is perfect for the occasion you book him for – it might be a dinner date, a business trip, a wedding, or just a relaxing holiday. Each occasion demands a different demeanour, a different skill set, but above all else, your needs come first.

What people want in a male escort is security, good company, conversation, and attention. For escorts this level of service, it’s vital that they build up a rapport and understanding with clients before meeting, so there is never any charge for contacting our escorts.

Here at The Male Escort Agency, we have a detailed search facility to help you find the perfect match for your occasion.

We evaluate and approve every male companion on this site. We advise them on how to improve their skills to gain more clients and, in turn, improve the level of service they can offer. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, we want to make sure every escort has the right personality and experience to escort you to your occasion. We want to ensure that anyone who books a companion through The Male Escort Agency has the best possible experience we can offer. This is great for clients and great for us – we are the most trusted male escort agency in the UK and want to keep it that way. Your feedback is important to us.

Secondly, we want to make sure that every male escort featured on our site is the right type of person for the industry. We don’t want to give any false impressions to any man who isn’t really cut out to work in male escorting.

It’s not fair to them, and it’s not fair to anyone who books them.

What we have created on The Male Escort Agency website is true to the core beliefs of both myself and the rest of the team. We are constantly striving to make sure that TMEA offers the best male escorts available in the UK, and want to ensure that the rates our escorts charge are both realistic and transparent.

The Male Escort Agency’s escorts are generally available at just a few hours notice. As some male escorts become more popular they will, of course, get booked up, so we do advise making contact sooner rather than later if you have an occasion coming up. Our most popular male companions cannot always guarantee last-minute availability.

One of the things I found most important during my time as a male escort was communication. Talk to your chosen escort and let them know the details of the occasion. It will allow you to strike up a rapport with them and help you find out if they are the right person for that particular event.

If you get on well, but perhaps they lack certain skills that you require, there’s no harm in keeping them in mind for a future occasion. Be honest with them too, so they know there may be something they need to add to their skill set.

Discretion and privacy are two of our greatest concerns at The Male Escort Agency. We will not ask you to register any personal details to contact our escorts, nor do you need to book them through us.

Our escorts are wholly independent and you will find their details on their profile page.

Should you have any comments or queries, however, please feel free to contact us.

Most people who have never booked a male escort believe the experience will be daunting. This is perfectly normal, but with The Male Escort Agency, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We personally evaluate every male companion on our site, and make sure they are more than able to put you at ease from the very beginning – and discretion is paramount.

We’ve had so much great feedback for both The Male Escort Agency and our escorts that we thought it best to allow happy clients to sing their praises directly.

Every escort now has their own dedicated reviews section on their profile where anyone who has booked them can leave discreet, anonymous feedback. It helps anyone seeking a male escort make an informed decision.

You’ll find escort’s reviews at the end of their profiles, or you can read all the male escort reviews here.

If you’d like to see independent reviews – both by clients and escorts, Google “The Male Escort Agency Reviews”, or click the image below.

We aim to provide a high-quality service and want everyone who books a male escort through The Male Escort Agency to have a wonderful experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

The cornerstones of our agency and our escorts are:

  • Satisfaction
  • Discretion
  • Trust
  • Privacy

Our clients always come first.

Being a male escort is a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. You will meet new and interesting people, visit fantastic places, and earn a living all at the same time!

There is no blueprint for being a male escort – every escort is different, and so is every client. We come from many different backgrounds, ages, and cultures. If you want to become a male escort you will no doubt have plenty of questions. With our combined experience, there’s no doubt we have the answers.

We are here to help.

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How to become a male escort...


How to become a male escort...


How to become a male escort...

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