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Male Escort Reviews

 by Jessica L on The Male Escort Agency

London leads up to each date with so much suspense. He builds so much up leading up to the moment it's not surprising he delivers. BFE all the way. See you again soon London. 🙂

 by Chelly on The Male Escort Agency

Rating 10/10. He makes you feel comfortable for any first-timers like myself. Very professional and able to keep excellent conversation. He was able to whip out backup plan when delayed schedule arrival time canceled out plan. He has great taste in music and is a true gentleman. 😉 gives a magical massage. Book him before I monopolize his time…what are you waiting for 🤔

 by Tiffany F on The Male Escort Agency

I don't want to write a review because I want him all to myself. I met him in Miami and booked him as I found out my husband had been cheating on me. Now I see him every week. London, you are incredible. See you tomorrow hahaha

 by Rachel on The Male Escort Agency

This guy is respectful and kind. Gives very good advice, I can talk to him for hours. Thank you for being a friend!

 by Jami on The Male Escort Agency

What can I possibly say to sum up our experience with Benjamin? I suppose it would be helpful to start with a little backstory… My husband and I have been together for about ten years. We are very much in love so for me, the idea of going on a date with another man wasn’t something I ever thought to consider. My husband on the other hand wanted a little more adventure and had the mindset of “you only live once”. Once I wrapped my head around the idea of going on a date with another man, we came across Benjamin’s profile. At the time that I reached out to him, I still wasn’t 100% sold on actually going through with the date but let me tell you, Benjamin truly has a gift at pushing comfort zones in all the right ways with a side of gentleman. 🫣😉🫠 Benjamin took the time to get to know not only me but my husband for about a week before the date. I felt like I was meeting a good friend by the time he flew out to see us for our date (and by friend, I must note a strikingly good looking friend with eyes and a smile that will, well… I’ll let you imagine that part). There are no words to sum up the date we just had. To say I was nervous the moment we actually met Benjamin in person is an understatement. It all went away because he has this way about him that makes you feel so comfortable and honestly beautiful. Reading that back and the fact that I used the word beautiful coming from me… a shy and humble person is a testament to this man’s ability to make you realize just how special you are. I spent time reading the reviews before meeting Benjamin and I truly understand why people have nothing but amazing things to say about him. He was the spark for my husband and I that I didn’t know we needed. I’m very thankful to my husband for providing me with the experience of going on a date with Benjamin… a true gentleman, with a slight edge! 😉 the perfect mix.

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