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Male Escort Reviews

 by Samantha on The Male Escort Agency

I had the pleasure of spending time with Steffon. He really gave me my confidence back as a woman. He has a big heart and is very genuine. Cant wait till the next time i get to see him.

 by Rachel-Juliet on The Male Escort Agency

Don was a great date from beginning to end.
Attentive and patient. Good with his hands and feet!
It was a great time, would love to do it again sometime soon.

 by Jay on The Male Escort Agency

Great experience with Benjamin. This was probably an unusual request for him, but on a trip to Vegas I wanted him to flirt with my wife. I thought it would turn her on and spice things up.

Ben did that. We arranged a bar location and I found a reason to step away. Ben went up and struck up a conversation. She was clearly engaged in the conversation and Ben’s charm did the trick. It was a great night.

Might seem out of your comfort zone, but Ben made it easy and we had a night to remember.

 by Christopher jimenez on The Male Escort Agency

My methods of contact is email Instagram Twitter snap chat what's app or buy phone my number is (725)200-7962 and my email is [email protected] or you can contact me at my Instagram witch tad-mgm and Twitter is tad promotions and escorting my prices are negotiable with phone call on text my service starts at 250$ dollers a hrs and I only except PayPal or chime or cash app I am not sure if I am allowed to use any of those but you can ask me for my PayPal for a small upfront deposit is only for you booking to garenty you get your appiontment and or for traviling expenses if I am traviling out of my state I can only travil with in the US the deposit must be at least half up front or if you are local to me here in Las Vegas it's only 80$ dollers if you book me for any over nights or any events just know you will only pay buy the hrs you pay for and the services I can provide soft massage I have degree in massage therapy and I have a master's in human psychology and counseling I cook for my clients breakfast lunch or dinner the age range I will service is late 20s early 30s and I and 40 late 45 I don't discriminate between tall short thin and or bbws I am a domanent male threw and threw I have studied and master ufc and traditional martial art kung fu ninjitsu wing Chun and many other I want ever women to feel safe and secure with when we go out I am not the youngest guy or the thinest I am a rage jo but I am true romantic at hart I hope you ladies consider booking thank and have a great night or day if you want here is my PayPal info @[email protected] thank you if you are wanting to pay with Paypal please message befor just to make sure I gave the the right PayPal tag.thanks have a great night or day.

 by Jen on The Male Escort Agency

This was my first time doing anything like this and I was a bit nervous. Not only is he a beautiful looking man but he was so patient and kind. I can’t wait to see him again. What a day/night to remember!!

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