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 by Tracie on The Male Escort Agency

I contacted Benjamin two months prior to our actual date. We set a date two months out and he was amenable to my desires. As he suggested, we stayed in contact until our date. Which proved to be a great time to connect. Because upon his arrival it felt like we were more like special friends, as we had built up quite a dynamic rapport and were ready for an adventure!

When I picked Benjamin up at the airport, he jumped in my car, greeting me with a big smile and a slight peek on the cheek. Providing me with a comfort level just to my liking 😊. We checked in to the hotel and enjoyed the view overlooking the water before walking along the Harbor to dinner.

Throughout our dinner, Benjamin was the consummate gentleman with just a slight edge that I so enjoy! And we laughed so much! Not only can Benjamin talk about a myriad of things ;he has the best sense of humor. Honestly, he is so funny! So, be prepared to laugh ladies. Along with his chivalrous attributes, he looks quite nice and handsome with a boyish charm. Of course, I must mention those crystal blue eyes that one could easy get lost in. After being in the company of Benjamin. I have no doubt he could fit into any social occasion with any and all walks of life. During our talks, we learned we had a lot in common. From our outlook on life to where we are and where we are going. The conversation made for a special added bonus to our all ready amazing time together!

After dinner, we took a nice walk in the moonlight along the San Diego Harbor. We were talking and laughing all the way back to our hotel. When we arrived at our spot, we got lost talking, listening to music and having an amazing time together. The time seemed to fly by effortlessly and we eventually drifted off to sleep. Benjamin planned his arrival and departure so well, that in the morning after breakfast,we had some spare time to enjoy a stroll in a beautiful city park before dropping him off at the airport.

So, without sharing too much…..😉 let me just say that my time shared with Benjamin was delightful and amazing to say the least. Do yourself a favor, ladies.escape from yourself with Benjamin as I will be doing again soon!!!!

 by Jen on The Male Escort Agency

I had planned a beach holiday away for my birthday. I didn't really want to go alone and that's when I found Benjamin. He was very responsive to my ideas. We chatted many times, so by the time we were ready to leave we had become good friends rather than strangers. He was meeting me on the island. He kept me posted of his travels and he arrived with a big smile and a hug for me. The next several days were the most fun I have ever had. He has a way of making you feel special and at ease. He is very considerate, caring, charasmatic and charming and quite frankly, hilarious. We laughed so much together. All that said and selfless, he doesn't act as though he realizes he is so incredibly beautiful. Dark hair, crystal blue eyes, but what me took my breath away was his geniune smile. It radiated warmth.He is very attentive to your needs and watches for little details. I'm a clutz, but it didnt phaze him, he just made sure I was safe with his hand in the small of my back. I noticed the little things. But guess what? He does too! Which is very special. We had a wonderful time and in all honesty, I already miss him. Looking forward to my next adventure with my dear friend Benjamin.

 by Kay on The Male Escort Agency

Benjamin...a man who is up for any adventure...biking, beaching, boating, dinner, enlightening and attentive conversation...the list could go on and on. Spending time with Benjamin provides a time out from any stress you might have and a chance to be yourself (or a vacation from yourself) in a risk-free environment.
Contact Benjamin now and prepare yourself for a fabulous time...

I asked for Tom to accompany me to a friend’s backyard BBQ. Tom is very punctual returning my email within the same day. Tom had a specific start time & end time in the Northeast with me. He jumped through some hoops in order to help me out, which I appreciated. Tom was chosen based upon what was written in his profile, he did not disappoint. I needed someone who is well-spoken, educated, can hold a conversation, is polite, and does not embarrass. Although I do not have carnal knowledge of Tom, he appears very fit and takes very good care of his body which is obvious when looking at his photos or having a zoom meeting with him. Tom was perfect for my needs, I’m quite sure that he will be perfect for your needs as well.

 by Michelle H on The Male Escort Agency

Hey there! Here is my "review." 😘 It is hard for me to put in words how good it felt hanging out and how amazing that experience was; however I hope this captures the wonderful time we spent together. When I'm in Vegas again, I will expect to spend more time with you, Benjamin! 😘💋

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