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How To Choose Male Escort Agencies

The emphasis is now mostly on the importance of joining male escort agencies, but people rarely emphasize the importance of joining a credible agency. Today I want to share my experience with one of the escort agencies and why it has made me wiser. If you are a young escort aspiring to get into the industry, consider this invaluable information that can save you lots of stress as you advance in your career.

My name is Floyd. I became an escort at the age of 21. I mostly worked as an independent escort at that time. Most of my clients came from nightclubs and adult bars. This also meant that I spend most of my evenings there. As you would imagine, it was really stressful and expensive. Worse still is that some days, after spending a considerable amount of money on drinks and tips, I end up not getting any client.

A few years later, several male escort agencies began to emerge that covered my city. Many of them promised exposure and improve in the client. It took me a while to accept the fact that I needed an agency. Apparently, it dawned on me that a large number of clients had stopped hiring from nightclubs. Most clients wanted to hire escorts discreetly. When I realized this, I had no option but to join an escort agency. You can call the delay in joining an escort agency my first mistake.

My second and most painful mistake was not scrutinizing the escort agency I was joining and not making sure that are capable of delivering their promise. The day I joined that agency, I simply flipped open my laptop a little angry. I did a generic search and clicked on one of the male escort agencies with a sweet-sounding name. At the end of it all, I felt a tinge of pride. It was the feeling of accomplishment, telling me that I had done something really phenomenal.

Here are a few things I would like to tell you about that escort agency. Firstly, their signup fee was very high. At that time I didn’t think much of it. I reasoned that if they will promote my profile as they promised and I got more clients than I usually did, then, the money will be worth it. The second thing I noticed was that their website didn’t look professional. In fact, it was a one-page website. Again, I didn’t overthink it.

To be sincere, for the first few weeks after subscribing to escort agencies, I noticed a boost in my hiring. From two to four clients a month, I had gotten six in two weeks. It was the real game-changer. However, more problems quickly began to arise. That agency started taking a certain percentage from client fees and the list of what escorts had to pay for continued to grow. When they couldn’t keep up with their extortion, the website was shut down. I had no option but to look for other male escort agencies.

I had tasted the positive side of male escort agencies, and there was no going back. However, I knew I had to be smart the next time. I promised myself that I would do a rigorous search and analysis before making my next move. Consequently, I spent over a week in my search until I found this agency. It had a better user experience than the rest. Another thing that stood out for me was the innovative blog section. I was convinced that this was it!

After spending many years in the industry, one thing I will tell you is that good male escort agency look out for the interest of their escorts rather than just trying to stuff their pockets. Although the next point is not mandatory, the great male escort agencies out there organize regular training for their escorts. This explains why escorts hired from such agencies are usually phenomenal in their services. I don’t need to tell you what an excellent escort service entails. You will know it the moment you experience it.

The truth is male escort agencies are now under pressure and competition. Unlike in the past, when they were few of them, they are now myriads of them. Therefore, they are all trying to get as many escorts as possible. This brings me to my last point. A good escort agency encourages diversity. It is not surprising that when you visit their website, you will find escorts from different regions of the world.

If you are nursing the plan of becoming an escort, engage in continuous conversation with those with more experience in the industry. Not all knowledge can be read from books.