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LA Male Escorts Help Introverts To Make Friends

There is a general notion that introverts are boring people who only know how to hide in isolated places. That is definitely not true at least for me. I love to have fun like every other person. The only difference is that you cannot see the best of me unless we are friends. Also, I find it hard, reaching out to people to become my friends. This is one of my greatest problems when I move to a new neighborhood. However, this time, I met LA male escorts that changed everything.

I am not a very good storyteller, but I will try to make this worth your time. So, this is exactly a week since I moved to a new neighborhood. It usually takes me at least a month to make my first friend, but this time is really different. When I shared my experience with my bestie, she said it must be the COVID-19 that forced me to socialize more. However, it thinks it has something to do with LA male escorts rather than the coronavirus.

The day I arrived and was taking in my belongings from the boot of my truck, this hunk was jogging by, and on seeing me, he stopped. He asked me if I needed help, and I waved him off. However, he did something remarkable. He stood there, waiting, watching as if he suspected something was going to go wrong. There was this big box I tried to pull out of the car. I struggled and struggled but couldn’t get it out of the car.

I was obviously frustrated. I flashed a glance to his side in defeat, and he opened his arms wide like an invite. I smiled weakly and nodded. He gave me a helping hand. After taking the box inside the house, I thanked him. He made to leave but asked for my number, but I hesitated for a few moments before succumbing to his plea. He thanked me and left.

The entire encounter felt surreal. It is on record that I have never chatted or given anyone my number on a first encounter. That evening while I was making dinner, he called me.
“Who is this?” I asked

“Greg”. Brief silence, “The one that helped you this morning to take your stuff into the house.”

“Oh!” I said, and we began to talk.

After sharing pleasantries, he asked if he could come around since he was free. “Sure!” I said.

In a few minutes, the doorbell rang, and he was the one. He kept me company while I completed dinner. What baffled me the most was the fact that I barely knew him but here he was telling me lots of personal stuff about himself. Although it sounded queer, deep down, I could read the trust and courage. Subconsciously I began to open up too.

I served dinner and told him I didn’t plan for his visit, which meant both of us had to share my ration. He smiled and said it was fine. It was while we were eating that he began to tell me about LA male escorts. He told me that the very moment he sighted me, he knew that I was an introvert and needed some help to blend into the neighborhood.

“Is that part of what they teach you guys in LA male escorts?” I asked with a raised brow.

“Nah. It is a product of many years of experience.” He said. “I have had a lot of clients who are introverts, and one thing that I learned over the years is that introvert needs persistent people to help them break their walls. What I mean is, introverts will rarely go out to make new friends and my shove you off if you attempt to become their friends. However, if you persist, they will lower their shield and trust me, you have one of the best and reliable friends ever.”

I was sure I was blushing at his words, but all I could say was “Thank you”.

We finished our dinner and saw a movie together before he retired to his room a few blocks away. I got to know more LA male escorts through him in the coming weeks.