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The benefits of joining Arkansas male escorts

Hi, my name is Kingston and I have been a male escort for about twelve years now. However, I identified with Arkansas male escorts about four years ago and that has made all the difference in my life and my career. I decided to share this because I believe there maybe someone out there who may benefit from it. I hope I am right anyways.

When I first joined the escort industry, I worked for about eight years as a solo escort. What does this mean? I was not under any organization or agency. I just advertised myself and lived with the odds. Yes, those who don’t know the intricacies of the industry might as well say that I was part of the Arkansas male escorts. Technically, they are not all wrong or right. I was somewhere in the middle.

The first disadvantage you have when you work solo is the issue of publicity. You know, it is easier to spot a swarm of bees than a single bee. It’s sort of the same thing here. I worked so hard to make people recognize me and what I do. This often entailed going to strip clubs and other places I naturally would not have wanted to go.

Well, it was not all gloom. Since I didn’t get as many clients as I would have wanted, the good part of it was that whenever I had a client, I negotiate my pay at my discretion and I didn’t have to pay any fee to anyone. These as some of the benefits of working solo. However, when you go deep into any form of business, you will quickly realize the importance of management. We all need another person to manage our time and finances at some point.

Again, the choice of working solo was not all my fault. I was ashamed of what I did. I mean, my line of work is not the type of work that would make many parents proud. So, I decided to keep my identity discreet. I remember there was a time we had a high school reunion, I was in a gathering with old school pals and we were doing some catching up.

Gabriella suddenly said it would be nice to know what each one of us was doing at the moment. The first person started with “I am a medical doctor”. It went round and when it was my turn, I said with a depressed shoulder, “I am an escort”. There was a row of laughter. It was a very depressing moment for me. That moment told me a lot about the attitude of the majority of the society towards my work.

Finding other Arkansas male escorts did a lot of good to my psychology. I mean, I didn’t know that they were a lot of Arkansas male escorts out there. I used to think it was only me or at most a handful of us. The realization that they were many of us gave me a sort of confidence about myself. It was a kind of reassurance that I may not be a failure after all.

With this kind of feeling, I bet you will understand how easy it was for me to become a member of an agency. I did a quick research and joined one of the Arkansas male escorts agency that I consider one of the best. Fast-forward to a year later after my joining the agency, I began to see some of the benefits that have eluded me all these years.

The first that crossed my mind was how I don’t need to work so hard to get noticed anymore. I don’t have to go to places I don’t want any more just to look for clients. I stay in the comfort of my room and get gigs. It has been amazing. It is true that I now have to pay a nominal fee but it is actually nothing compared to the stress relief and opportunities.

Lastly, I used to rely on myself and my clients to get gigs in the past but now other Arkansas male escorts also refer clients to me.