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gay male escorts USA

Gay Male Escorts USA

In the escorting industry, gay male escorts in the USA often face the most discrimination. However, it will interest you to know that they usually record the most traffic. In 2015, the feds raided one of the top gay male escort agencies in the United States. At the peak of their services, that agency was getting as much as 500,000 visitors per day. While gay relationship remains debatable in the United States, the tide is changing for the better.

Interestingly, on the 26th of June 2015, the United States Supreme Court lifted the ban on same-sex relationships, and that has been a great relief. Although the law has legalized same-sex marriage, the acceptance is still far from encompassing. Nevertheless, the industry has continued to grow since the Supreme Court decision.

Rewind to a few decades ago, seeing two guys locking hands or lips on the street made people raise eyebrows. For others, it was a chilling experience that creams their skin with Goosebumps. However, that is changing. Today you can easily find the same scenario without people questioning their freewill. In order words, the acceptance is of a gay relationship is growing and it’s a good start. Effective change begins with acceptance.

Gay male escorts are becoming bolder too. It’s not about them alone but gay guys in general. It is easier to find guys now that will openly tell you about their sexual orientation without stuttering. This is a great feat. It may take a little more time to change the perception of many, but that will definitely happen someday—we wish soon.

The proliferation of gay male escort agencies has helped more people to start getting used to being gay. As an agency, for example, we have set a high standard for the listing of escorts. This has helped us to maintain one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Interestingly, the more satisfied people are, the more they are likely to speak good about the industry, which also gets more people interested. It’s a whole cycle, and we are proud to be playing our role well.

The growth in the gay male escorts industry has had a snowballing effect. Unlike in the past, gay nightclubs no longer have to operate underground. This means that more people get to express themselves more freely. It is one of those scenes that is better experienced than told. You’ll see gay guys floating up and down in seductive wears

Besides the recreation aspect, it is having a positive impact on the economy too. These gay nightclubs pay taxes to the government. They also keep a good number of people on their payroll, which helps to keep the unemployment rate down. The benefits are so huge that if we decide to pen all of them down, it will be a lengthy read. We wouldn’t like to bore you with too many details.

The most crucial feature that agencies brought to the industry is that they gave escorts voice and visibility. Today, gay male escorts no longer have to move from one place to another, looking for clients. The clients find them through their online profiles, and a meeting is scheduled. Finding a single escort would have been very difficult. But, by pooling them together under an agency, they have become more visible and easier to find.

One of the fascinating stories we have heard from one of the gay male escorts will leave you in tears. He had a friend in one of the countries where the same-sex relationship was a taboo. They were in a long-distance relationship. They would share fun moments, and it was the most amazing experience he had ever known.

All too sudden, his friend stopped being responsive. At first, he thought it was a network challenge, but when the absence stretched, he got really worried. When his friend finally showed up maybe a month later, he still had bandage all over his body. He was pelted with stones simply because of his sexual orientation.

It was a traumatic experience for him. Becoming part of a large family of gay male escorts under a common agent helped him to heal as well as to express himself again publicly. The shock of what happened to his friend pushed him into a cocoon of himself. We are glad there is a global awakening around the same sex, and it will definitely lead to something good soon.