Characteristics of UK male escorts in different cities

male escortingAll the while I have been in America I noticed that the services offered by male escorts vary significantly as you move from one city to another. I have moved to different cities in the last twelve months. I thought it would be the same with UK male escorts, but I was wrong.

I came to the UK in late November last year. My move was work-related, and I was pretty excited. It was the first time I was leaving America, my home country, and I would be spending a good portion of my life in the UK because this is where I found my greener pasture. I was working remotely with one UK software developer, and after a year and a half, they decided to invite me over. The package they presented was too good to be turned down; they paid my rent and various other basic bills and still gave me a bumper pay. That was how I arrived in the UK.

The nature of my work made it difficult to keep up with the time demand of an intimate relationship. I spend as much as eighteen hours some days sitting on my laptop and punching away on the keys. I have been in a relationship once, and the guy complained bitterly about my lack of time for him. I let him go. That was how I started hunting for American male escorts to attend to my emotional and physical needs.

I knew it was going to be the same as I moved to the UK. I was staying in London precisely. That was where the headquarters of my organization was situated. The first thing I did after I settled in was to find UK male escorts; know how to hire them, the cost of hiring them, and the place to find the best UK male escorts.

These were vital information that I needed to have at my fingertips before work pressure sets. If I don’t have them now, it may be difficult for me when I need them. I like making plans ahead. I guess that is why my girlfriends often accuse me of being too organized. I carried out some research online to find what I needed, but when it came to where to find the best UK male escorts, I thought it wise to seek the opinion of those who have been there before.

Alas, one of my colleagues, a young lady in her late twenties, was a user of UK male escorts. I asked for her opinion and asked her to link me up with other females that use UK male escorts too. I sampled all their opinions, and the result didn’t make sense. London, Manchester, Birmingham and several other top cities were mentioned. Some mentioned two cities and claimed they could not limit their option to one city. It surprised me how someone could not pick the best from two alternatives. That was the easiest thing in the world to do, right?

I thanked them for their contribution and concluded that I would try at least one male escort from all the cities that had been mentioned. In the next two months, I have tried five UK male escorts from five different cities. I made a list of all my expectations from male escorts and for each escort I hired, I ticked the boxes where my expectations were met and crossed out the other boxes.

From this, I hoped to eliminate most of the cities so that I would be left with one or at most two cities where I will hire escorts frequently. By the time I had hired one male escort from five different cities, I had noticed that their scores were almost identical on my scale, somewhere between 81 to 90 percent from my ranking.

Now, that was a difficult situation. There were expectations I yearned for which the escorts on the lower part of the scale met which those at 90 percent did not. Hence, it was not enough for me to eliminate the cities because they scored eighty and another scored ninety.

I thought for a while and decided that instead of eliminating a city on a score basis, I will just hire depending on the desires I needed to meet.

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