The increasing options of male escorting agencies

male escort agenciesWhen male escorting agencies first came into the limelight, there were only a few options available. The front burners then were straight male escorts and bisexual male escorts. Most of the options you would see now are pretty recent. Well, I have mixed feeling about the pilling options I often feel male escorting agencies are creating the categories deliberately.

There is nothing wrong with that; I mean expanding the available escort options but some people do have a problem with that. Just a few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend, and she lamented bitterly.

“Male escorting agencies are ripping me off,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow, unsure of what she meant about that. This was my seventh year using male escorting agencies, and never for once have I felt I have been ripped off. I was curious I decided to ask. As they say, learning never ends, and if I learned something new from her today, I would be proud of myself because it would be one less ignorance out of my life.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She began to explain, “Male escorting agencies suck these days. They put up a lot of options only for you to hire and discover it was nothing different from what you already know.”

For this friend, I was pretty sure she wanted to make a case out of nothing. I asked her to give me an instance but she could not. Her rant dived into a mumble. That was when I lost interest in her complaint. She was probably looking for cheap popularity. After thinking and mumbling for about ten minutes, she said,

“I hired a transgender male escort, and it turned out he was gay.”

She was unbelievable and ridiculously funny. First, transgender is someone who switched sex, and they do that because they have a preference for the other sex. So what is wrong with a transgender becoming gay? Transgender is not a sexual orientation but a sexual transformation. When I pointed this to her, she made a face and left.

If there is any reason why male escorting agencies are successful in our current age, it is because of the increasing number of escorting options that are constantly being added to the menu. Personally, I am very adventurous. Whenever I scroll through my favourite escorting agency, and a new menu pops up, I am usually one of the first to try it out.

I believe there are many escort users out there that, like me, love to try out new forms of escort. Imagine if the only escorting options were the same as the time escort agencies started, I bet you; it would not be as popular as it is today.

Sometimes, I prefer to hire gay escorts especially when I am not in the mood to have sex. I hire gay escorts usually when I have an occasion or party to attend. I prefer gay escorts when I am on the move because they are more focused and know how to initiate and sustain a conversation. You will never be bored when you are conversing with gay escorts.

When I am going to be at home, I prefer to hire straight escorts. I must confess I have a weakness with men – especially when I am bored. I usually get bored when I stay in one location for too long. When I hire escorts in this state, I am not always in control of how far we can go.

Whenever I am bored, I usually let the escort caress me and massage every part of my body. Sometimes we end with mind-blowing sex. This would not have been possible if there were just a few options.

Some people are used to certain words, and when the word is not used to qualify the male escort of their choice, they will conclude that their choice is not available. I am sure male escorting agencies have figured this out which is why they have decided to expand the available options to make sure that all the keywords are well represented. I know some of the categories are so related that they can be merged into one, but I do understand the logic behind the splits. I have no problem with it.

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