How a gay male escort made my day

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Being a homosexual is one of the most challenging decisions I have tried to cope within the last five years, after breaking up with different girls I have come to realize that hanging out with guys could be really fun. I moved from Detroit to Alaska last year owing to a change of job.

I have been quite comfortable with being gay since I found out that there were other gay guys around me as well. One day, after a hectic day’s work, I stumbled on one of my co-tenants, Greg. He is a six-footer with a masculine build that made him look very attractive, I’ve not asked him for once about his boyfriend but that evening I summoned the courage to ask him and he told me they had broken up because his boyfriend never told him that he was bisexual.

He went on to tell me that he was coming from an event where he was hired as a gay male escort. I have heard about male escorts but not for once did it cross my mind that there could be gay male escorts.

Greg told me that owing to his build and size he has always been the toast of escort agencies which contracts him most times to work for them as gay male escorts. He told me that he doesn’t work as a male prostitute as people thinks he does but rather he goes out on dates and during events with guys who need gay male escorts. He went into his room that night leaving me wondering if what he told me was true.

The next morning Greg came knocking on my door. I opened the door with sleepy eyes and let him into the spacious living room. We exchanged pleasantries and without wasting time Greg told me that his agency had offered him another escorting job, but they needed another dude with him. I kept mute cos I knew there was going to. He was going to ask me if I would work as a gay male escort. When he finally landed I asked him how safe the deal was going to be and he told me it was going to be fair since I would be given my remunerations. I consented and agreed to go together to the venue of the event. At the venue, Greg introduced me to a chubby looking woman preferably in her early forties as his boss. Her name was Gelina. Gelina told me that she was sorry for not going through the due process before contacting me as it was an emergency. She explained that after the event she would reach out to me for further deliberations, she then directed me to my client.

Meeting my client was not a problem. He introduced himself as Kyle, Kyle was no doubt a handsome young man. He shared a drink with me as he commented on my calmness. He asked me if I had a college degree and I answered yes.

After listening to the music which played in the background I asked him if he was gay. He looked up at me and asked why I worked as a gay male escort. I told him a friend introduced it to the job. He smiled and replied that the decision to be gay was made the day he saw his mom murder his dad in cold blood because of his decision to become gay.

Since then he vowed to remain gay. I noticed there were other men with their gay male escorts around them. It really seemed like a gay party to me but it wasn’t. Kyle told me that he had been on the look-out for a good gay partner. He said I looked good and would do fine. I wasn’t in a haste to answer him. I wanted to be thoughtful in making decisions. We exchanged numbers as he told me he wasn’t in a hurry to get an answer from me.

We parted ways and I began searching for Greg so we could head for home. I found him chatting heartily with a group of men and I thought of how happy he might be being a gay male escort.

As these thoughts were rushing through my mind, I felt a soft touch on my right arm, I turned back and found out it was Gelina. She asked me how I felt with Kyle and told her he was cool. She came closer and whispered in my right ear, she said Kyle was a multi-million dollar business mogul who was looking for a genuine gay male escort who might be his partner. She went further by telling me that this was a deal which could bring meaning to my life.

I later went home with Greg that night without mentioning anything about Kyle to him. I just told him the dude was good but deep within me, I thought how this gay male escort made my day and perhaps my life beautiful.