How becoming a male escort transformed me

becoming a male escortGrowing up, I have always wanted to be a lot of things, lawyer, actor, musician, writer, and so on. I still have a bit of all that in me and traces of the sublime efforts I made to become all that. However, becoming a male escort was what changed me and it happened so fast, out of my control.

The major setback I had as a teenager was anger issues. I got angry at slight provocations, and my reaction was always too extreme. Like I was a cannon waiting to explode. When I was in college, there was a day I was walking home with one of my friends, and then another friend of his sneaked up on us from behind and snatched my bag from my grip and began to run.

I told him to return the bag, and he ran faster. I chased after him, and when I caught up with him, he stretched the bag for me to collect, but I pounced on him and gave him a terrible beating. He ended with a black eye and twisted shoulder. The other friend I was walking with was furious and amazed at my reaction.

I lost many friends because of my anger issue. They drew away from me. My mum suggested that we see a psychiatrist, but I refused. I told her that I was not sick and therefore there was no need to see anyone. When I was done with college, my elder brother took me to another city. He felt that moving to a new city would help me calm my nerves and it really did. The time it took me to get used to the new location also drained me of the excess adrenaline.

Moving to that city drew me closer to becoming a male escort. What happened was that I began to hang out with a few guys in the neighbourhood. We usually played soccer, volleyball or tennis together and it was always a fun time for them. Spending quality time with the guys in an atmosphere that was always joyful quickly made me forget how to get angry.

As I drew closer to them, the more I wanted to spend more time with them. My elder brother was a banker and never really spent time at home or with me, and it really hurt that I had to stay in the house alone. I started asking questions. I asked the guys where they normally went to and if it was possible for me to join them.

They mentioned that they were escorts and had to play games to keep fit and in good shape so that they will be able to give their clients quality time.

“Is it a kind of job?” I asked.

“Yeah! The coolest in the world,” one of them teased.

“Like you get paid?” I said slowly with a raised brow.


If becoming a male escort would give me the chance to enjoy myself on the field and still get paid then I wanted in.

Fast-forward to when I had joined one of the agencies. I was feeling really cool about myself. I felt like a part of something bigger. The atmosphere and all is the type that gives no room for anger. The day I had my first client was one of the best days of my life.

You know how fulfilled you feel when you solve a complex equation or something. That was the same way I felt. My client, a lady that should not be more than twenty-two was also full of life. She never stopped talking, and I made sure I had something to say to her in return.

We went from cinema to the club to the park and ended the evening drinking ourselves to stupor. I took her to her apartment and returned to mine. I barely had my bath and dozed off. There are so many things that becoming a male escort did for me.

Becoming a male escort made me more responsible. It made me care more about my health, and most importantly, it thought me the real meaning of love. Those hours I spend with my clients are always treasured.

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