London male escorting provides a collection of experience

I have tried escorts two continents

London male escorts at least and most of them are strict escorts providing nothing more than companionship and bodyguard kind of services. With London male escorting the experience is different. In fact, it is a collection of experience that may be difficult to peg down with a few words.

London male escorting makes you feel like you are with your family member. The many times I have hired a London escort, I feel relaxed to the point that I divulge my deepest secret without feeling like I have given out too much. I bet you cannot say so much even to a trusted bodyguard.

I don’t know how they do it, but I think it has to do with the charisma, the boldness and the way they present themselves. There is a popular saying that the first impression matters. It really does. When you are walking on the street, and a stranger suddenly starts walks up to you, I bet your default reaction would be cautious, and you will be on alert even before they open their mouth.

Probably they were innocently seeking direction, but the confusion on their faces is often what triggers you to rehearse negative ideas in your head. Now consider another instance when someone in the crowd says your name, waves at you and then begins to walk towards you. This time, your mind will be preoccupied with wonder and enthusiasm as you try to recall the origin of the familiarity.

The latter experience is the trend I have discovered among London male escorting agencies. I don’t know if the escorts over here undergo any form of training or follow a laid down blueprint but I have hired from at least two different agencies and the trend is subtly embedded at all times. I am not talking about identical services but a trend. It is really hard to explain, but if you are very observant, you should notice what I am saying.

I recall a certain time when a male escort I hired from one of the London male escorting agency knocked on my door. The moment I opened the door I was thrilled when this stranger called my name and initiated discussions like he had known me all his life. Immediately, I was forced to lower my guard and interact with him the way I normally would with a long-time friend.

I like to look at London male escorting like a brand, a multinational brand consisting of men from different parts of the world. Multinational brands usually have more than one product to meet different needs of their customers.

Looking at it from this direction, I like to liken the feeling offered by London male escorting to products. The feelings are different, and when you look at different reviews, you will discover that different people have different testimonies.

One of my girlfriends was once a victim of domestic violence. She had a boyfriend whom she was planning to get married to. After dating for two years, she began to notice the subtle difference in his behaviour. She used to tell me about the misunderstandings, but I didn’t know it will get as far as physical violence.

She came to my house one day with scars. I was furious and wanted to get him arrested, but she decided otherwise, and I had to respect her decisions. It took the effort of London male escorting to help her get over the situation. Before now, she had made up her mind to stay off men forever.

Another of my friend confessed to me that she had always had affection for women until she had an encounter with London escorts. She had this condition where she gets wet the moment she sees a woman’s nudity.

The difference was that she didn’t like the idea of being a lesbian. I don’t know how it happened, but after hiring a couple of London escorts, she told me that she had gotten over the situation. These are just a few of the cases that highlight the experiences offered by London male escort services. The experience is also growing. I notice this subtle change when I don’t hire for like six months and go back to hire afterwards.


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