My preference for straight male escorts

straight male escortsI am a very adventurous lady. I can tell you that I have used all categories of escorts. Recently, I have limited myself to straight male escorts. Do you want to know why? I will tell you. I intend seducing one of the straight male escorts out there to marry me. Of course, this will not be possible with gay male escorts, and my chances are slim with bisexual male escorts.

I still recall vividly what led to my discovery of straight male escorts. Three and half years ago, I never knew that anything like escort existed. I once had a great relationship that I cherished and wished that it end in marriage. In fact, he promised me everything in high heavens. He promised to give me the moon and stars.

What interested me the most about this guy was that he was an African-American. I was so excited to visit Africa with him, to see the natural landscape, the animals, and diverse plant species. He was glad that I was willing to travel with him. “My ex-said she would never visit any underdeveloped country”, he told me. “That sounded insulting to my personality”.

I totally agreed with him. Love should be unconditional. If you are getting married to a person, you should realise that you are getting married to his people and not just him or her. If you don’t like his people, then refrain from the relationship in the first place.

I won’t forget that November he travelled to his home country. “Let me go and get some things ready before I come and take you”, he said. He travelled and never came back. His connections died. I know something terrible must have happened to him, but I don’t know what. I cried myself hoax. I waited and cried for about two years hoping that one day the doorbell would ring and it would be him.

Moving on was the hardest thing I could do because he meant everything to me. I am nothing without him. I still recall how he used to carry me to bed, make my breakfast and encourage me with words whenever I was in difficulty. I don’t think there will ever be any guy like him.  He was just unique.

After three and half years, I told one of my girlfriends I was ready to date again, but she suggested I hang out with some straight male escorts first. According to her, if I just went ahead to see one guy, I will unconsciously begin to compare him to my ex but hanging out with a few escorts will help fade the image.

I thought she made a lot of sense, so I decided to do as she said. The feeling these straight male escorts was incredible. It always felt as if we were dating. They did virtually everything my ex-used to do for me and were always full of smiles, charming smiles.

I told you I was an adventurous lady right? After hiring two straight male escorts, I started picking from other categories. In about three months, I can tell you that I have hired one escort from all the available categories.

Yeah, that is me. Once I discover anything, I would like to explore it to the limits. I was thrilled when I discovered black straight male escorts. I guess I am really obsessed with blacks.  I hired a couple of them.

Each time they carried me to bed, or we locked our hands together and walked in the street, I always felt like I was with my lost boyfriend. With them, it’s all about nature. We visit a lot of natural scenes. I love the feel of the air on my skin and the way we would visit the beach and play with kids.

I cherish the movement of the ocean. With other escorts, it was mostly clubs and theatres. I am not suggesting those are bad options, but they are boring to me. I just know that I want to end up with one of these black straight male escorts.

I have started pulling strings, and I am optimistic that I will get my heart desire pretty soon. Don’t ask me what I am up to because I am not spilling.

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