The real value of male escorting services

male escorting

You view life from a different perspective when you are brought up by a single mom. I had a lot of difficulties integrating into a society filled with boys. My social life was a wreck. I started to think I wasn’t normal until I discovered male escorting services. They added value to my life by helping me to unlock my self-imposed limitations.

It is true that our parents want the best for us, but we should not always take all their advice. Life doesn’t come with a manual so no one can claim to help you to have a perfect life. It is OK to fumble a few times as you struggle to attain greatness. It is OK to take your own decisions and live by the consequences.

I don’t mean to sound preachy, but I get overwhelmed by emotion each time I talk about this. For twenty-one years I lived in my mom’s shadows. I did whatever she said and feared that I would fail if I didn’t. If I look back now, I feel like a puppet.

I don’t know what happened in my mom’s relationship with my dad – whoever he may be because she never allowed me to know him. From a tender age, my mom filled my brain with the bad things that boys are capable of doing and why I should never associate with them.

In my high school days, I avoided my male classmates like plagues. The indoctrination from my mother also made me avoid social gatherings especially because that is where guys did “the unthinkable” as mom always said.

In my university days, some guys thought I was a lesbian because of the way I was more at ease with girls than with boys. At some point, I started to doubt if I knew what I wanted. I would count myself lucky for landing a great job when I came out of University. It was one of the exciting moments of my life.

It was the first time I would leave my mom to live alone. Travelling to a new city and living on my own turned out to be the first step to becoming an adult. The exposure to a new environment and culture made me question everything my mom has ever told me. It was the first time I saw life from a different perspective. It dawned on me that I have hitherto viewed life from a keyhole – my mom’s keyhole.

Suddenly I got the craving to be with a man. The problem was that I didn’t have any male friend I could call up. One evening I flipped my laptop and started ‘searching for men’. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking. All I knew was that I was looking for a ‘male companion’. It was during this search that I discovered male escorting services.

Male escorting services at that time sounded strange. The information I got made it clear that they could solve my problem but how? What exactly were they? I carried out more research and was thrilled by my discoveries.

When I got all the information I needed, I visited one of the prominent male escorting agencies and hired. It was a Saturday morning, and the guy showed up in about two hours after I hired. I was thrilled. It was the first time I would have the company of a guy, and I was anxious to know what it would feel.

He helped me with some of the house chores. Since it was a weekend, I suggested we go for a swim. I have been practising how to swim lately and wanted to show off. I drove to one of the parks, and we had loads of fun.

We later retired to the bar, and I ordered a shot of tequila and two bottles of beer. While we sipped from our bottles, we talked about our life stories. His story was similar to mine in the sense that he was brought up with a particular ideology which he had to fight.

Being around men wasn’t scary at all. I have visited male escorting agencies over and over and look forward to the day I would have a boyfriend.

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