How male escort agencies are protecting their male escorts

male escort agencies

My name is Mark. I have been working as a male escort for longer than I can remember. For a long time, I have been in this industry, I have witnessed the metamorphosis of male escort agencies. I jump a lot from one agency to another, so I know a lot about male escort agencies and this industry – and I am talking from experience rather than speculation.

I easily switched from one agency to another whenever I felt my interest was not well protected. In the past, most of the male escort agencies around were majorly interested in their cut of the money. Some of them didn’t care about the dangers that the escorts face in the field. That was not cool at all.

That has changed in recent times. The male escort agencies are more eager to help their escorts achieve the best experience in the field. My agency has been very good to us. Since I met them, I have not stopped searching for a new agency.

In the past, you get a beep that someone has hired you. That was all the information you have. Not having any detail about your prospective client makes it difficult to plan your visit or tailor the escort service you provide in a way that would look personal. It was a difficult experience for most escorts.

It took a lot of creativity to satisfy your clients. You have to struggle most times asking uncomfortable questions just to know your clients better. What I have noticed since I started escorting is that I am happy any time that my client was satisfied. And it is difficult to satisfy your client if you don’t have prior knowledge about them – no matter how small.

The lack of information was also a security concern. I had a friend who said I was his role model. He said my meekness and all inspired him a lot. When he discovered I was an escort he wanted to have a taste of it – he said inspired him that much. When he got his first beep, he refused to honour it because he wasn’t sure of the identity of the person and if the person would be of harm to him or not.

The experience is much better now. My agency, for example, would call up the person that wants to hire and get a lot of information from them. From the tone of the caller, the male escort agencies predict if the client would be a treat or not. This was not always accurate, but it was better than nothing.

Secondly, the male escort agencies get brief personal information about the client and relay it to the hired escort. This helps the escort to prepare for the task ahead. For example, I recently had a client who was suffering from depression. A string of bad events had dampened her spirit.

If I had not known this information, I would have had a hard time. When I arrived at her place, her face was pretty swollen, and from all indications, she had stopped taking care of herself. I didn’t try to sympathise with her. That would have brought back memories that would make her break down emotionally again.

I simply convinced her to have a warm bath and get dressed up because the house stinks. She didn’t recognise how much the house stank until I mentioned it. While she got under the shower, I busied myself with tidying up the room as much as I could.

She got out of the bathroom, and her eyes glowed when she saw the much work I had done in such a short time to transform the living room. She got dressed, and I took her to a private park. We enjoyed a lot of games and had a couple of snacks.

She wrapped her hands around my arms as we walked home like she didn’t want to let me go. I wished I could have stayed longer, but this is business and time is of great essence. I was proud I was able to bring a smile to her face. I would admit it would not have been easy if not for the head start male escort agencies now provide.

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