Gay male escorts always stand out for me

I am one of those girls that began to hire the company of escorts from a tender age. I had rich parents, and they always had me locked up in the house. This meant that I didn’t have many friends besides my classmates – boys and girls alike.
Personally, I didn’t like the idea of hanging out with the guys in my class because I am a very sensitive person. I imagine them going behind me to talk about my s

gay male escorts

secrets to the other guys in my class and then make me the gossip topic. I preferred hanging out with someone that doesn’t have a link to my class to avoid all the drama.
You know one thing about biology, once to get of age, you tend to desire the company of the opposite sex. I tried to fight it but lost out woefully. Because I didn’t know many guys – not even in the neighbourhood – the easiest option left for me was to start dating a guy in my class. Once or twice the urge became too strong for me but just about when I was about to succumb, I discovered male escort.
It happened coincidentally while I was trying to find information for an assignment we were given in school. The pop up was captivating and colourful. It was as if the designer knew me in person and made the advert particularly for me. I could not resist the lure, so I clicked on it. After perusing through the website for a while, I bookmarked it and continued

with my assignment.
It was a summer Friday afternoon, and the sun was just perfect for outdoor games. I decided to visit the beach, but I also knew it would be a boring experience if I didn’t have a companion. That was when I went back to the bookmark and ran through some of the guys there.
I can’t recall all the reasons that made me settle for Mark, but I guess it was because he was pretty young and cute. My parents were out of the country, and I knew the house would be super boring for me. A few hours later Mark pushed the doorbell. He was a little bit taller than the impression I got from his profile picture, but I loved him all the same.
He was rocking a combat short and t-shirt loosely worn over a spotless white polo and a pair of white trainers on his feet. I guess his choice of dress was from the information I gave him earlier. I nearly forgot to mention that Mark was a straight escort.
At the beach, we had mad fun and participated in a volleyball game with another couple which we lost woefully. As we headed home in the evening, I could notice Mark’s sexual advances towards me. This really put me off. It was the least of what I expected.
The problem disappeared when I discovered gay male escorts. Before settling for gay male escorts, I also tried bisexual male escorts and encountered a similar problem. If it wasn’t them trying to seduce me, it was the other way around. I didn’t like all the drama. All I wanted was someone who I could play and chat with; tell all my secrets without our private discussion turning into a class discussion.
The first sets of gay male escorts I hired were pretty older. My guess was that the older escorts would be more professional. They really didn’t disappoint. During one of my search, I stumbled on this cute young lad on the gay male escorts list who was just a year older than me.
This is my little secret – I have a certain weakness for young guys. I knew it was a gamble when I hired him. If he turned out like the rest, it would probably discourage me from ever using escort service since gay male escorts were the last category that was yet to disappoint me.
This young lad was a sucker for fun, party, dance, just name it. I have never gone wild as I did around him. This time, I was out with him all night. He made sure I was safe in my house before he stopped another taxi and left. He was super focused and got my admiration for it.
Ever since I have rehired him a couple of times and stuck with the gay male escorts category. Anytime I come across anyone who wanted to have fun and anything besides sexual experience; I always recommend gay male escorts. If you have not yet tried them out, do that today, and I bet you will never regret.

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