Lessons from bisexual male escorts

Bisexual male escortsThere is always this stiff argument between men and women on which of the genders had the better role in the society. Women always believe that they are sidelined by men while men on the other hand often think that women are having too much. Bisexual male escorts made me realize that both genders can never be equal but should complement each other.

I used to be among the women that championed feminism. I strongly believed that women deserved more than they are getting from the society. When I look around, I see men dominate in all the government offices. The business climate also doesn’t make it easy for women to participate favourably or so I thought.

I easily made excuses for the errors of women but will descend on men for similar error or even for one with a lesser magnitude. I was the kind of feminist that didn’t want anything to do with a man. However, my body chemistry was failing, and as I grew older, I kept waiting for someone to make me feel special again.

There are days I would dream in my sleep and wake up with wet pants. This happens especially after seeing romantic movies. I couldn’t stand having a boyfriend who would order me around or try to snuff out my opinion. After much deliberation, I decided to settle for Bisexual male escorts.

With Bisexual male escorts, I know the experience would be different. In my thinking, I believed that straight male escorts would be biased in their reasoning. They would tend to take sides with women to please them. Gay male escorts, on the other hand, would likely think for men. These are just my assumptions anyway because I have never hired any of them.

What made me settle for Bisexual male escorts is that I believe that since they provided companionship to males and females, they should have learned enough from both genders. If I must be with a man, then he had to be the kind of man that would be ready to educate me on what I don’t already know about gender.

I don’t know if I should call myself a genius for the analysis I made earlier or if it was just a fluke but it turned out that the bisexual escorts I hired had a lot to offer. I got a lot of education from them as I had never gotten from any school such that I gradually began to change my mindset towards men.

When I raised the topic of gender equality among men and women, he was quick to reply. His words were apt and articulate, and he made his point without raising his voice. He said, “Genders can never be equal.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but he continued to speak cutting off my words, “If you tell a guy to carry a baby and give birth, he would probably fail woefully. Likewise, there are some qualities in men that if women had, they would find it hard to control. We just have to learn to appreciate the other person.”

He went on and on and by the end his stay I began to reconsider my stance on feminism. While he spoke, he caressed my hair and cuddled me in a way that I didn’t want him to stop. That was something I have not been able to do, talk about men with calm.

All the Bisexual male escorts I have ever hired had this trait in common. Even when they criticized women – and they do that often – they still did it with love. Before I met them, there was no time I have ever spoken to men that I did not raise my voice – as if doing so made my point stronger.

Yes, I still believe that there are some societies around the world where women are pushed aside, and their voices snuffed out. The main problem I have realized is that women are less eager to acquire skills or reach for excellence like men. Women who have are the ones we hear their names and no man can stop them.

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