London male escorts and the Christmas spirit

London male escorts

Christmas has come and gone, but the experience I had with London male escorts will remain for many years. It was the first time I was spending Christmas in London, and it was a blast. I enjoyed every bit of it and would probably seek for a repeat next year.

So I hired London male escorts (three of them) in the week leading up to Christmas. I don’t know if it was a sort of agreement or something, but there was always a touch of red and white to their dressing. One of them wore a white long sleeve shirt neatly tucked into an ash trouser. Then he had a red muffler around his neck.

The colour combination was spectacular and, although subtle, was enough to remind anyone that something was happening. I recall every moment I spent with the escort I hired on the 21st of December. During our outing, he asked me, “What are your plans for Christmas”.

Really, I do not plan for Christmas. But he explained the importance of Christmas and why it was necessary to plan for it. He told me how he never fails to plan for Christmas and how he spends it with his family unless there was a situation beyond my control. At such times, I would spend it with my friends.

His words challenged me because spending time with family during Christmas has never been on my list. In fact, I was not in good terms with my family. My dad was the kind of person that would want you to do exactly what he said without asking questions. I never liked that. I always wanted the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and this led to an endless rift between my dad and myself.

When I left the house, I didn’t want to have anything to do with my family again. I just wanted to be left alone. I loved my mum but for the fact that she was always on the side of my dad made her my enemy too. Although I still speak with my siblings but coming home to spend time with them was off the question.

The other London male escorts I hired on the twenty-third and twenty fourth of December brought me gifts. Small wrapped boxes that made me feel like their lover. You wouldn’t be wrong to say that Christmas began early for me. That one week I spent with London male escorts made all the difference.

I didn’t plan for it so travelling home was out of the question. I needed money to make the journey, and since I did not plan for it, I had set nothing aside. Like the London male escorts, I decided I would spend Christmas with my friends. While with my friends I realized how much I have missed out on the real essence of Christmas.

The gifts are not really the main essence of Christmas but the time shared together. The feeling was magical, and I never wanted the day to end. I was in the house of one of my friends, and I was surprised to see her parents and siblings.

She had a tight schedule and couldn’t travel, so she took care of the expenses to bring her family to London to celebrate with her. This is another aspect that people do not consider much when they are not disposed to travel.

I was moved to tears after seeing her and her family because I subconsciously began to relate it to my own family. As soon as I left, I picked up my phone and called my parents to wish them Merry Christmas. I could hear the excitement in their voices as they spoke. They apologized and wanted me to return home.

In my usual way, I would have protested, but I calmly told them that I would not be able to make it this year. For the first time in a long while, my communication with my parents was fluid. That day, we chatted and laughed, together.

London male escorts touch lives and families in a way they cannot imagine, and that is why they need to maintain professionalism. I wish to relive the Christmas moment next year with my family.

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