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  1. Booking male escortsIf I was a woman and needed a male escort
  2. So I had some spare time on my hands this just imagined being in the shoes of a female client. I wondered how I’d go about it if I were to openly advertise my need for a male escort on a job mag. I had to use my experience and imagination to come up with this. Might not be the ideal job description but highly likely. So here it is and does make sure you leave what you will require in the comments section. And male escorts feel free to apply even though it’s fiction. Just for fun.
    Client’s brief
    Mrs X is a successful entrepreneur and founder of a retail chain and seeks the company of a professional male escort. She prefers an in-call at her countryside home so might involve some travelling. She values her privacy and whoever she chooses will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She loves classical music and enjoys painting in her spare time. Presently, she’s going to be at her countryside home for a week and would require company throughout all those days. She seeks someone who knows how to control the initiative and can also be controlled. She only seeks the best. Ideally, she would want an experienced male escort but newbies can apply too so long you can prove why she needs to hire you.
  4. Job brief
    She is looking for a classical music and art lover who knows these things well. The pace might be frenetic at times and the ideal candidate must be able to cope with her demands. The ideal candidate will understand he’s there to make her feel comfortable and enjoy every moment spent together. He must be comfortable with taking her requests which will be detailed to the successful candidate. He must be available for 7days – no calls, no phones, no computers. All she needs is you!
    Job responsibilities
    Accept her request at all times.
    Quality conversation.
    Act on her needs per time.
    Make her laugh with subtle and clean humour.
    Be awake till late nights.
    Perform body massages.
    Proven record of skill sets; testimonials from old clients are suitable
    Proficient with words
    Strong listening and communication skills
    Must be able to multi-task
    Travel long distance for the job if need be
    Sign confidentiality agreement
    Neat and tidy
    Polite and courteous
    Well shaved
    Know about classical music and art lover
    A good kisser
    Knows the ins and out of a woman’s body
    Must be part of a male agency
    There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. What will you add as a lady and how would you apply as a male escort? Feel free to let me know in the comments section. Share to your friends and keep the fun going.

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